Fairy Tail RPG Delayed to June

Fairy Tail RPG Delayed to June

Koei Tecmo and Gust have announced that the RPG adaptation of Hiro Mashina’s Fairy Tail will be delayed to June.

Fairy Tail RPG Delayed to June

Originally set to launch on March 19th, the RPG version of Fairy Tail will now launch on June 26th 2020. The Japanese version will launch a day earlier on June 25th. Producer Keisuke Kikuchi shared that the delay announcement on the official website:

I am truly sorry for FAIRY TAIL’s delay, and the inconvenience caused to our fans, partners, and stakeholders who are looking forward to this title. Please allow us to take further time to polish the game to ensure it is as high quality as possible, so we can offer you a truly immersive experience. We will be working hard to enhance the magic effects, event scene effects, improving the game balance, and more! We will talk about the improvements in more detail in the coming months. This delay will allow us to ensure we provide you a much more satisfying game. Thank you for your understanding.

Producer Keisuke Kikuchi

Keisuke explains that the delay is to ensure the polish and quality that fans expect. While hearing the delay of a game is disappointing news, it’s good to see that developers care about the final product.

Fairy Tail RPG will be releasing on June 26th on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. In the meantime you can check out our Fairy Tail Interview – Producer Discusses Guilds, Post-Launch Content, Characters And More.

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