Everspace 2 Leaving Early Access for PC April 6th

Everspace 2 Leaving Early Access for PC April 6th

Rockfish Games have announced that Everspace 2, the long-awaited single-player shooter will be released in April.

Everspace 2 Leaving Early Access for PC April 6th

The single-player shooter Everspace 2 has been in early access since last year in January, but developer Rockfish has announced it will be finally leaving early access on April 6th for PC. For consoles Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will release sometime in Summer 2023.

In case you missed it, the game follows an emotional journey of an immortal clone space pilot aptly named “Adam”, whose death has final consequences. The Early Access version of the game currently holds 35 hours of content, with all the core mechanics of the game targeted for the final version.

In Everspace 2 players will explore alien planets as an immortal clone space pilot.

New Trailer

A new two-minute trailer features the story of the game’s quite ambitious detailed narrative. It covers starship gameplay as well as less favourable alien planets. Puzzles and navigating your way through different faction encounters are all part of the mix. Adam will team up with other characters as they explore the precarious planets across the DMZ.

What to Expect at Launch

The game’s early access reviews on Steam seem to be on the rather positive side, gaining 87% positive scores from over 5000 reviewers. But the game has more content upon full launch. The devs have shared that another start system, companion, trading map, new boss fights, further customisation options, polished cinematics and more enemies are underway. The game is currently priced at $39.99 but will be set at $49.99 for full price.

Everspace 2 is available on early access on PC via Microsoft Store, GOG and Steam. The game will leave early access on April 6th.

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