ESO: Wolfhunter & Update 19 Go Live August 13th on PC; August 28th for Console

ESO: Wolfhunter & Update 19 Go Live August 13th on PC; August 28th for Console

Last updated on August 3rd, 2018

In an announcement via a post on the official The Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account, Zenimax announce the release date for upcoming expansion Wolfhunter DLC and Update 19. Both will launch at the same time on PC on August 13th and later on PS4 and Xbox One on August 28th 2018.

ESO: Wolfhunter & Update 19 Go Live August 2018

Prepare yourself for the Hircine’s Great Hunt as ESO gets the latest expansion this August. In a tweet, we get the release date for the Wolfhunter DLC and Update 19 which sets to bring some new changes to game:

Wolfhunter sets to bring new dungeons, loctated in Moon Hunter Keep and March of Sacrifices. The expansion follows the story of Hircine, the Daedric Prince who hosts the Great Hunt. It also follows the Order of the Silver Dawn involving the Tamriel were-beasts.

The Elder Scrolls Online Wolfhunter DLC will be available for free for those who have ESO Plus membership, for both PC, Mac, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

If you want to learn about the upcoming changes with the update find out more in Elder Scrolls Online Wolfhunter Changes: The Age Of The Werewolf. Be sure to read about the new dungeons that will be joining the expansion in The Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter Dungeons Preview.


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