ESO Undaunted Celebration Event Starts November 29th

ESO Undaunted Celebration Event Starts November 29th

Counting down to the end of the year, Zenimax are launching their third event of the End of Year events called the Undaunted Celebration which starts on November 29th at 10:00 am EST.

ESO Undaunted Celebration Event

The Undaunted Event is the third event where you will be able to earn yourself tickets towards those magical feathers that gain you that Indrik Mount. The event starts Thursday, November 29 at 10:00AM EST and will run until Wednesday, December 5 at 10:00AM EST.

To take part you will need to complete a random dungeon using the Dungeon Finder, it can be Normal or Veteran difficulty. Earn a Mysterious Reward Box, one box is rewarded per character each day.

How to Take Part

To take part in this event you will need to queue for a random dungeon, this can be either done on Normal or Veteran:

  1. Navigate to the Group & Activity Finder
  2. Select Dungeon Finder
  3. Select either Random Normal Dungeon or Random Veteran Dungeon
  4. Select your role (DPS, healing, or tanking) and queue up


Each Mysterious Reward Box can contain items, collectibles, style pages, costumes, pets, mounts and if you’re really lucky even homes. You can gain one box per character, each day which resets every 20 hours. It will be part of your daily random dungeon rewards.

But that’s not all, Zenimax have shared there’s a chance of gaining an very rare jackpot prize, the motherlode of over 130 mounts! This ultra-rare bounty even contains mounts from previous Crown Crate seasons.

Event Tickets

The Undaunted Celebration Event will grant players Event Tickets which are needed to pick up the Onyx Indrik Feather, this goes towards getting the Nascent Indrik Mount which will require all four feathers from the End of Year Events.

Nascent Indrik Mount will require all 4 feathers, 1 feather = 10 tickets

Tickets can be earned by completing a dungeon and destroying the final boss. You will gain 3 Event Tickets along with your usual boss drops. These tickets can be earned once per day and the reset will be at 1:00AM EST every day.

Once you have gained your 10 tickets, don’t forget to visit the Impresario to purchase your Onyx Indrik Feather, you will see a special icon on your map of where they are located.

Impresario Locations:

  • Daggerfall in Glenumbra
  • Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls,
  • Vulkhel Guard in Auridon

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