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ESO Tales Of Tribute Best Cards Guide

ESO Tales Of Tribute Best Cards Guide – In this ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide, I’m going to share the ideal cards from each of the 8 decks together with optimal combinations you can come up with to stay at the top of your game. If you are searching for cards that are not only worth your Coin but also powerful in any type of match, then this guide is for you!

ESO Tales Of Tribute Best Cards Guide

In our previous ESO Tales of Tribute Beginner Guide, we talked about the new card game’s mechanics, features, sample abilities, and tips and tricks to get you started in dominating in every match. This time around, we are going to first identify what each set specializes in followed by the corresponding cards you should focus on purchasing from the Tavern based on their cost, ability, and Power. We also aim to take advantage of improving our chances of winning by accumulating Prestige and gaining the favors of every Patron. Without further ado, let us start with the Duke of Crows.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide – Duke of Crows

The Duke of Crows Card Set is mainly about acquiring enough Coin, Power, and more importantly, drawing the cards you need. The latter is especially important because this deck is heavy on pulling off 3-4 Combos at a time, and when done correctly, the rewards far exceed the cost. As such, you will want to get the following Action Cards – Scratch, Squawking Oratory, and Pool of Shadow.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide - Duke of Crows Scratch Card

Scratch lets you gain as much as 3 Coins and 2 Power when you play another Crows card such as the Starter Card, Peck. If you ever get the Murder of Crows upgrade, you will also be rewarded with an additional 2 Power on the 3rd Combo. Scratch pairs very well with Squawking Oratory and Pool of Shadow. The reason is that both of these cards alone will not only give 6 Power and 3 Coins when you hit a Combo of 4 Crows cards in a single turn, but they will also allow you to draw cards 3 times.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide - Duke of Crows Squawking Oratory Card

Note that Squawking Oratory does not come cheap at 6 Coins, however, it is definitely worth it compared to Plunder for the same price. Plunder only lets you draw cards without the added benefit of gaining massive Power, which can make or break the match.

ESO Duke of Crows Match

Overall, Scratch, Squawking Oratory, and Pool of Shadow present great opportunities, especially if you have Psijic Loremaster Celarus’ Scrying Globe, which lets you move a number of your cards to the cooldown pile, thereby thinning your deck first before drawing the remaining good ones next. If you want to have some degree of control over your hand while accumulating decent amounts of Coin and Power, then the Duke of Crows Deck is for you.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide – Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu

The Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Deck prides itself in making you very rich rather than piling on too many Combos in a single turn. In fact, some of them will let you purchase expensive cards as their Play Effects without having to pay using Coins anymore. The best Agent and Action Cards for this deck are the Hlaalu Kinsman, Currency Exchange, and Luxury Exports.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide - Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu

Hlaalu Kinsman is a great Agent to have despite the initial 10 Coin Cost because it allows you to automatically acquire another powerful card worth 9 Coins. As such, you can obtain amazing cards in the same deck such as the House Marketplace and Currency Exchange, or even from other Patrons like Saint Pelin’s Banneret. What’s more is if you play the Hlaalu Kinsman with another Grandmaster card, you can choose to remove 1 card from the Tavern, perhaps something your opponent has been wanting to buy.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide - Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Luxury Exports Card

Next is the Currency Exchange, which initially grants 2 amazing Play Effects. Not only are you able to remove 2 cards from the Tavern, but you also receive 6 Coins. Once you trigger Currency Exchange’s 2nd Combo, you can call another Patron in the same turn, thereby improving your chances to win. For 7 Coins, this card is definitely worth your buck. And last but not least is Luxury Exports, which is the cheapest card in this set. It is only worth 2 Coins and in return, you gain 3 Coins every time.

ESO Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu Match

If you are looking for a deck that can be easily combined with other cards and you do not mind paying a lot of Coins to acquire them, then consider getting all 3 of the best Grandmaster Delmene Hlaalu cards.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide – Psijic Loremaster Celarus

With Psijic Loremaster Celarus cards, things work differently. Compared to the Grandmaster’s set, this deck’s overall cost is lower. Even better is that it focuses on manipulating what your enemy can buy by removing certain Tavern cards. On your end, you can toss cards, which you do not need during a specific turn, from your draw pile to the cooldown pile. Overall, the Loremaster’s deck provides decent Power and Coin. The best Action Cards to look out for are Psijic’s Insight, Scrying Globe, and The Dreaming Cave.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide - Psijic Loremaster Celarus Scrying Globe Card

Psijic’s Insight lets you do 3 different things by just combining 2 Loremaster cards. These include removing 2 cards from the Tavern, tossing at most 3 cards from your play deck to the cooldown pile, and receiving 2 Power. As such, this is a great card because of the control you have over the ones that your enemy can purchase. It also lets you thin your deck effectively. What goes hand-in-hand with Psijic’s Insight are Scrying Globe and The Dreaming Cave. Scrying Globe only costs 2 Coins and it provides you with 2 Coins plus the Toss Ability on Play Effect alone so you essentially get more out of what you pay for.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide - Psijic Loremaster Celarus The Dreaming Cave Card

Meanwhile, The Dreaming Cave increases the number of cards you can toss to 4 and allows you to draw 1 card. This is powerful because after thinning your deck, there is a huge chance to get an essential card afterward. If you combine this with another Loremaster card, you gain 2 Power as well. The Dreaming Cave is much better than Psijic Apprentice because, for the same cost, you can do 3 actions.

ESO Psijic Loremaster Celarus Match

Combining these cards with Ansei Frandar Hunding’s March on Hattu or No Shira Poet gives you a greater degree of control because you will be able to transfer several cards from your cooldown pile to the top of your draw pile. However, note that they are expensive since these two cost 6 Coins each so you should also purchase Luxury Exports to generate several Coins.

If you are searching for a deck that messes with the cards that are available to your opponent while controlling your cards, then the Psijic Loremaster Celarus Set is perfect for you.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide – Saint Pelin

The Saint Pelin Deck is very strong because it lets you accumulate tons of Power to either convert into Prestige or knock out the Agents of your opponent. Alongside this, you also acquire a bit of Coin while making use of the Taunt Ability. Taunt is amazing because it prevents the enemy from converting Power into Prestige at the end of their turn, thereby lowering their chances of winning. The best Action and Contract Agent Cards to constantly play are Archers’ Volley, Rally, Shield Bearer, and The Armory.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide - Saint Pelin

Archers’ Volley and Rally can be played together if you have them both in your hand because they also provide added benefits when you trigger their respective 2nd Combos. Archers’ Volley grants 3 Power and 1 Coin while Rally gives 6 Power and it lets you draw an additional card draw so in total, you get 9 Power, which significantly increases your Prestige in a single turn. Rally is costly at 7 Coins, however, so you may want to buy several Luxury Exports and Writs of Coin first.

ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide - Saint Pelin Rally Card

Next, you have the Shield Bearer, which is a Contract Agent so you can immediately play it right after the purchase. Even if this only grants 1 Power as compared to the Banneret’s 3 Power, it is a better card because of the cheaper cost and decent Health. The Shield Bearer also has Taunt so as long as he is on the board, your opponent will not be able to catch up with your Prestige Points.

ESO Saint Pelin Match

And finally, there is The Armory. This card does not require any Combo so you can play it independently. At which point, it instantly provides you with 1 Coin and 5 Power.

If you want to have a deck that is beginner-friendly and allows you to take the lead in terms of Power and Prestige, then you should consider playing this Saint Pelin Set more often. It can also be effectively paired with any Tales of Tribute card!

Ansei Frandar Hunding

Next is the Ansei Frandar Hunding Set, which operates differently from the rest of the decks such that you are given several choices for the majority of their Play Effects. For instance, you can decide to gain more Power or acquire a card worth X cost. Moreover, you even have the option of returning a number of cards from your cooldown pile to place it on top of your succeeding draw. The best Action Cards to prioritize for this set are Ansei Assault, March on Hattu, and Shehai Summoning.

ESO Ansei Frandar Hunding Ansei Assault Card

Ansei Assault is expensive because it costs 9 Coins, however, you are able to buy this as long as you use Luxury Exports with Writs of Coin. This card is more powerful than the Grandmaster’s Hlaalu Kinsman because you have the choice of instantly gaining 5 Power or acquiring another Tavern card worth 9 Coins. You do not have to combine it with the other Ansei cards either. Getting the upgraded version, namely Ansei’s Victory, will make your life easier because you will still be paying for the same amount but you gain 6 Power or acquire a Tavern card worth 10 Coins.

ESO Ansei Frandar Hunding March on Hattu and No Shira Poet Cards

Between March on Hattu and No Shira Poet, I prefer the former since you have the option of returning at most 3 cards from your cooldown pile back to the top of your draw rather than just one. Or you can also aim to acquire more Power should you choose. Again, no Combos are required to trigger these actions. And finally, there is Shehai Summoning, which lets you return 2 of your cards or acquire a Tavern card worth 5 Coins. This is really good, especially if you are aiming to instantly purchase cards that do not cost as much.

ESO Ansei Frandar Hunding Match

If you want to play another control deck but this time with the added benefit of flexibility due to the decisions you are able to make, then the Ansei Frandar Hunding Deck is your best bet.

Rajhin, the Purring Liar

The Rajhin, the Purring Liar Deck specializes in the outright destruction of the opponent’s cards by knocking them off the board or forcing them to discard a card from their hand. However, the best cards in this set are Combo-heavy and expensive so you need to prepare to purchase Grandmaster cards to generate enough Coins. For Rahjin’s Deck, you will want to concentrate on acquiring Pounce and Profit, Stubborn Shadow, and Twilight Revelry.

ESO Rajhin, the Purring Liar Twilight Revelry Card

Pounce and Profit gives you 4 Coins and if you combine it with another Rahjin card, you get to knock out an opponent’s active Agent. You can certainly play this with Stubborn Shadow and Twilight Revelry. Stubborn Shadow is a strong card once its 2nd Combo is triggered. Doing so will subtract 2 Prestige Points from the enemy, and because of Stubborn Shadow’s Taunt Ability, they will not be able to convert Power to Prestige while this card is on the board.

ESO Rajhin, the Purring Liar Match

The final card you want is the Twilight Revelry. In order to trigger all 4 Combos, you ought to keep cheaper Rahjin cards in your deck such as Slight of Hand and Swipe. Once successfully executed, the enemy will have to discard a card from their hand while losing 3 Prestige. On your end, you can remove at most 3 Tavern cards and draw 3 cards. If you are familiar with combining several cards at once and you want to destroy your opponent, then the best cards of Rahjin, the Purring Liar are for you!

Red Eagle, King of the Reach

Next is the Red Eagle, King of the Reach Set, which is predominantly comprised of Contract Action and Contract Agent Cards. At a glance, this deck does not seem to be doing much, especially when you factor in the fact that you will have the destroy a couple of your cards the moment you use them. However, the best strategy to employ is to thin your deck by getting rid of Starter Cards, which only provide you with 1 Coin or 1 Power, from the sets you will not be using. You will also be able to gain Power and draw cards. For the Red Eagle, I highly recommend purchasing Bloody Offering, Karth Man-Hunter, and Midnight Raid from the Tavern the moment you get the chance.

ESO Red Eagle, King of the Reach Bloody Offering Card

For the Bloody Offering, you can destroy one of your cards and instantly gain 2 Power. Now if you combine this with another Red Eagle card, you can perform a draw in the same turn. For Karth Man-Hunter, you initially gain 1 Power and then upon triggering the 2nd Combo, you are able to destroy another card. Out of all these three, Midnight Raid is probably the better card since you receive 6 Power in total after the 2nd Combo plus, it only costs 4 Coins.

ESO Red Eagle, King of the Reach Match

If you are seeking cards that will help you to effectively thin your deck, then the Red Eagle, King of the Reach is for you. You should combine it with cards, which are easier to control such as the Grandmaster and Saint Pelin Sets.

Sorcerer-King Orgnum

The Sorcerer-King Orgnum Set is one of the most powerful decks in Tales of Tribute because more often than not, its Play Effects give you Prestige while providing Coin and Power at the same time. The best and cheapest cards to purchase are Ghostscale Sea Serpent, Maormer Boarding Party, and Serpentprow Schooner. You should of course strive to obtain their respective upgrades but they still do better as it is.

ESO Sorcerer-King Orgnum

These three cards only cost 2-3 Coins. The Ghostscale Sea Serpent, in particular, gives 1 Coin and 1 Prestige as part of its Play Effect and when you combine it with another Sorcerer-King card, you gain 1 extra Power. Meanwhile, the Maormer Boarding Party provides you with 2 Prestige without the need for any Combos. Should you have sufficient Coin, it would be a good idea to purchase the Snakeskin Freebooter as well because upon triggering this card’s 2nd Combo, it creates 1 Maormer Boarding Party Card. Eventually, this will accumulate, making it difficult for the opponent to circumvent.

ESO Sorcerer-King Orgnum Match

Next, you have the Serpentprow Schooner, which grants 4 Power when the 3rd Combo is initiated. Speaking of the 3rd Combo, and if the Sea Raider’s Glory Contract Action Card is available in the Tavern, then you should definitely purchase it. Doing so will instantly give you 4 Prestige.

If you are looking for a superior deck that is relatively cheaper than most but has more Combos, then the Sorcerer-King Orgnum should be up your alley. This is also flexible so it can be partnered with other sets.

Stay tuned for more ESO High Isle Guides and be sure to check out the Elder Scrolls Online Wiki or visit our Twitch Channel if you have questions on the game! What did you think of this ESO Tales of Tribute Best Cards Guide? What activities are you enjoying in the High Isle Chapter? Let us know in the comments section below!

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