ESO Summerset Sets and Itemization Preview

ESO Summerset Sets and Itemization Preview

Last updated on May 18th, 2018

Earlier this week we got an in depth look at what Elder Scrolls Online Summerset will hold in store for us, as the Public Test Server (PTS) version went live on Monday. Although this is not a finalized version of the upcoming expansion, details like Sets and itemization rarely change much before live release. This means that what we see now will be ~90% accurate, and at the very least give us some insight into what we’re looking at in May.

Note that May 16th, a few days ahead of the launch of Summerset, we tested several of these Sets again and found Zenimax actually made huge improvements to some of them! This is exciting and we have shown the old version and the new and improved version in such cases. Since we are just a few days away now, these are likely the final versions of these Sets.

ESO Summerset Sets and Itemization Preview

ESO Summerset will feature 10 new Sets. 3 Crafted, 3 Dropped and 4 new Trial Sets. In addition some changes have been made to existing Sets that are worth mentioning, and I will do so later in the article. If current trends continue we can expect 2 new Monster Helm Sets with and 6 new Dungeon Sets with Update 19, which should bring 4-man Dungeons to the region. But for now, let’s dive into the ones we can get our paws on.


Light Armor Sets

Mantle of Siroria


Old version.


New version.

This Set was changed from the original version, which used to do Flame Damage in an AoE. The new version casts a circle on the ground where you are standing when you do direct damage, and you gain a stacking Spell Damage buff as long as you remain inside of it, and for 5 seconds afterwards. You can step out and back into the ring to further increase your Spell Damage, however the ring will vanish after 5 seconds. This is great for stationary fights, but will be difficult to use if you must move often, which is the case a lot of the time.i


You can see the size of the area in which you must remain above. It’s not super large, but it’s not terrible either.

Vestment of Olorime


Old version.


New version.

This Set was also changed from the original which previously gave healing. The Spell and Weapon Damage matches that of Spell Power Cure , but the two cannot be stacked as they now both provide the same buff called Major Courage. The beauty of this Set is that the buff lasts 3 times as long and your teammates don’t need to be in the AoE initially, but have 10 seconds to run through it, at which point they gain the 30 second buff. They don’t need to remain in the circle either, as the buff lasts even after they exit. This is a big upgrade over Spell Power Cure, and will likely be paired with Worm’s Raiment for best results.

Wisdom of Vanus


This Overland Set can drastically increase the performance of healer by doubling the time Major Mending lasts after a Heavy Attack. Again, PvE healers don’t generally have an issue with a lack of healing, so this probably won’t effect the meta. However, it is still an excellent Set and will work for new players or 4-man PUGs. It also has PvP implications because you can’t ever have enough healing in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds, and almost rewards a player for stacking Magicka instead of Magicka Recovery.

Medium Armor Set

Arms of Relequen


Previous version.


New and improved version.

This Set has change on PTS, and now has different bonuses from the original, which were horrible. The addition of the Minor Slayer as the 3 piece bonus, and the complete overhaul of the 5 piece make this set substantial for Dungeon and Trial runners, when fighting bosses or enemies with large health pools. You can have the DoT on more than one enemy at once, however, the Forceful passive from the Two-Handed Skill Line will not allow this to apply to other targets. This will be a competitive Set for sure.


You can see the DoT looks like a small whirlwind on each enemy affected.

Gryphon’s Ferocity


I actually really like this Overland Set. It’s not going to replace any meta Sets in PvE, but in PvP it’s going to become a staple of many Builds, Nightblades in particular. Why? Because it allows you to circle around players quickly, putting yourself in a position where you can strike them and they cannot hit you. Add in some sort of snare to your rotation, the new Swift Trait on Jewelry that increases Movement Speed, and you have yourself a good combination or success. It also increases your burst damage and has no cooldown, so there’s also that too.

Heavy Armor Sets

Aegis of Galanwe


Previous version.


New version.

This is another Set that was changed on PTS from the original and now is much more suited for Trials or Dungeons. The addition of Minor Aegis really helps, and increasing the damage of your teammates’ Lights Attacks is a great boost in DPS, especially since it can occur once every 1 second. I fully expect this to become a Meta Trial Set, and will shine with groups who excel at weaving Light Attacks into their rotation.

Grace of Gloom


This Overland Set is another one that seems really good at first glance, but isn’t as great in practice as it is on paper. This Set should shine when you are surrounded by many enemies, such as some of the harder trash pulls in Dungeons or Trials. However, there are really a couple of issues that prevent that from being the case. First when surrounded by a ton of enemies you aren’t going to let go of Block to Light Attack heal for 3300 ish Health, because you’ll probably take more than that in damage, which is a net loss. Second, the 10 second cooldown after it procs means that you won’t get probably more than 1 or 2 procs during a pull, which isn’t all that great. I fully expect this to be buffed before live release.

Crafted Sets

Adept Rider

This Crafted Set gives you Major Evasion while riding…yep…while riding. I’m honestly not sure what to say about this Set as it has almost no use anywhere. I guess you could ride around on your Mount and round up a bunch of mobs and then hop off and AoE them if you really wanted to…but why would you want to? I’m really hoping this Set gets changed before it goes live or no one will use it.


Sload’s Semblance

This Crafted Set deals damage over time, and Oblivion Damage too, which is nice. Unfortunately that damage is way too pitiful for anyone to actually take it seriously and this will become another Set that won’t see much use unless changed. It’s a good concept, but it need some rebalancing.


Nocturnal’s Favor

This Crafted Set is light years above the 2 others in terms of functionality. Tanks can easily use this paired with Evasion, or a Set that gives Evasion, for some easy self heals. It’s not good enough to replace the current meta, but it’s certainly useable. In addition, because it can be made in Medium, we will see many more Stamina Builds rocking this out in Cyrodiil to get easy heals while they Dodge attacks. I’m not looking forward to dealing with that…


Existing Set Changes/Bug Fixes

Night Mother’s Gaze – This item set now applies Major Fracture to the enemy when you deal Critical Damage, instead of reducing their Physical Resistance by 2580. This makes this much less effective as a Set as you can only apply Major Fracture once.

Sunderflame – This item set now applies Minor Breach and Minor Fracture to the enemy when you deal damage with a fully-charged Heavy Attack, instead of reducing their Physical Resistance by 3440. Increased the bonus Flame Damage dealt with a fully-charged Heavy Attack to 4000 from 774. This makes this Set much more interesting for PvP than PvE.

Jorvuld’s Guidance – Fixed an issue where this item set’s bonus was not increasing the duration of Major Slayer or Major Aegis. This means that it will now become a meta Set for Trials and Dungeon Healers!

Shroud of the Lich – Fixed an issue where this item set’s proc was not increasing your out-of-combat Magicka Recovery. I’ve been waiting for this to be fixed for a long time…

This set will now affect Major Slayer and Major Aegis, making it one of the best Sets in the game for a healer.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’d say there are some definite upgrades to be had here, and Zenimax has changed what was a lackluster group of Sets into some very interesting and powerful versions, particularly the Trial Sets. If they continue to listen to feedback from the community, which clearly they have here, it will go along way towards extending the life of ESO. I’m excited to think about using some of these new Sets soon, and am really hoping we will see more of this moving forward with future Updates!

Stay tuned for more ESO Summerset coverage through April, May and June!


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7 comments on “ESO Summerset Sets and Itemization Preview”

  1. Avatar Lich180 says:

    The thing is, all the consumables are either craftable in game and stronger than the ones you buy or get in crates, and the other stuff is boosts to XP or research times. Nothing in there is remotely pay to win.

    None of the cosmetic stuff like outfits or mounts do anything special, other than make you look different.

    Everything is obtainable by playing the game, and investing time. Crown crates are not the crates in other games like StarWars Battlefront were. I get your reason for solo games, because I look at it the same way, but ESO is not one of the poorly some examples of in game purchases.

  2. ckmishn says:

    Pay-to-win = The game is easier to win if you pay money.

    It doesn’t mean that you can’t win without paying money, just that less effort is required. From what I’ve seen, “Crown Crates” can get you items, crafting materials and bonuses like faster xp. That may not bother some people (though, as I said, I still have yet to see any justification for them not publishing payout tables), but it does bother me.

    As such I’ll stick to my Witcher 3s, Bloodbornes, Divinity Original Sin 2s, etc. that don’t include them. On Friday I may get God of War (another game without loot boxes).

    Honestly I don’t get why people bitch about the “Creation Club”, where you pay a fixed price for items, where you can go to a console and give yourself as many instances as you want of said item, and you know they can’t screw up the game balance to make you buy them because you can always install a free mod (even on PS4) that balances the game the way you want. If there’s an Elder Scrolls game mechanic that deserves scrutiny it’s “Crown Crates”, not “Creation Club”.

  3. Avatar Castielle says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I always thought “pay-to-win” meant that you were at a disadvantage vs. other players in combat if you didn’t buy something from the store. Things that allow you to get items faster or level up faster would not qualify, nor would cosmetics. Unless they are selling the actual items you are trying to get in the store that give a competitive advantage I don’t see how that’s pay-to-win.

    That aside, I’m not a fan of the Crown Crates or the store, but they most likely pay some of the bill for Zenimax to create content for the game that I enjoy. I would rather the game was sub only with no need for stuff like that, but it’s not that bad right now. It could get worse, however, as many F2P games do. So we’ll have to wait and see.


  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Indeed, I just don’t think ESO has gone pay-to-win. Rift did, so I left, but here I don’t find myself in any way like I “must” buy something to stay competitive. I actually wish the VIP had better bonuses as it’s pretty much just for hoarding stuff – which if you’re looking to make gold you don’t need.

    Zenimax also gives everyone a 100% XP boost 5 times a year for 2+ weeks each time, for free. You can get to level 50 on that time easily, making the ongoing XP buff from VIP rather pointless after you’ve reached 100CP

    The crates have NOTHING of interest to me. I actually got some free ones that had some potions (the ones I craft are better) and one had an experience scroll that I will actually never use. I also got a mount, but well nothing is as pretty as the tiger they gave me for free for supporting the 1st year of the game xD

  5. Avatar Lich180 says:

    Well you see, the XP boost and Crafting Bag and consumables are obviously better than anything you can get by just playing the game, so that’s pay to win. Also, all the cosmetic stuff and boosts and crates are pay to win, because you spend money on them and they have combat advantages like looking different and in the crates case you aren’t guaranteed to get anything you want! Oh, and all the DLC costs money and has unique stuff you can only get in the DLC, and not from a guild store!

    Sarcasm aside, you really don’t have to pay for anything, and can access pretty much everything easily with just time invested.

  6. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I’m confused, how are the crates pay to win? I’ve never bought one and I’ve never felt I am losing anything at all

  7. ckmishn says:

    ESO: Pay $15/month for “ESO Plus” to give you some great pay-to-win advantages over the peasants who buy DLC piecemeal, then spend hundreds on loot crates to get even bigger advantages.

    At this point I’m pretty much done with any game that has a loot crates system, and ESO commits the triple sin with their “Crown Crates” of:

    1) Existing in a game you’ve already paid for (i.e. not “free-to-play”)
    2) Having significant effect on in-game mechanics, rather than being purely “cosmetic” and
    3) Not disclosing the odds of getting each individual item. There are people who’ve tried to calculate the odds based on past drops, but even if accurate for the time, Zenimax can arbitrarily change them without consequence.

    If someone can tell me a reason for not disclosing the odds that isn’t fundamentally exploitative, I would love to hear it.

    Right now EA, Activision and Ubisoft seem determined to cram loot crates into most of their new titles (including almost anything sports related), Microsoft has done it multiple times, as has Konami (and they barely make games, but the ones they do mirror their beloved pachinko machines), Zenimax obviously is doing it. It’s sad just how widespread the practice of adding gambling to games has become.

    Thankfully it’s not universal, and there are some companies left that avoid them, enough to fill more time than I have to play games anyway. Further, the sheer number of titles with them may be thinning out the whales and annoying the remaining players enough to change the underlying economics. At the very least companies who avoid them have a free marketing bullet point to attract players like myself.

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