ESO Sets Guide: Caluurion’s Legacy – Targeted Torrent

ESO Sets Guide: Caluurion’s Legacy – Targeted Torrent

Welcome to another installment of a segment where we dive into one Elder Scrolls Online’s many Sets, and explore what sort of Builds you can make. Not only will we show you how to get the most from these Sets, but we’ll explain where to get them, what requirements there are to obtain them (if any), and everything else you could possibly want to know about them. In this article we will take a look at Caluurion’s Legacy Set which spawns a high damage dealing ball upon doing critical damage with a single target Magicka ability.

Great set for PvP and an alright one for PvE

Introduction To Caluurion’s Legacy Set

This set was added to the game with Dragon Bones DLC.  It launched on PC/Mac on 12th February 2018 and Consoles on February 17th 2018. Dragon Bones introduced two new dungeons (Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair) which are Norse-themed. This Set drops in Fang Lair, which is located in Bangkorai. Each set item is bind on pickup, meaning you will have to farm this Set yourself. You can acquire light armor, weapons and jewelry of this set in the Fang Lair motif style. Fang Lair motif has a chance of dropping from last boss in Fang Lair and it can be also purchased from Crown Store.

Weapon and Armor Traits are random, meaning you are likely to have to farm pieces for different Traits. This is Light set so enchantments on Armor are and Weapon pieces are Max Magicka and Absorb Magicka. Jewelry comes with Arcane Traits and Magicka Recovery Enchantments. Keep in mind that you can use Transmutation to change Traits if you wish, however the Summerset expansion is needed, along with 50 Transmute Crystals.

Caluurion’s Legacy Set adds 833 Spell Critical, 129 Spell Damage and another 833 Spell Critical bonus. The 5 piece set bonus spawns Fire, Shock, Frost or Disease ball upon hitting the target with Critical Damage from a single target Magicka ability that has base damage of 12900. Due to all these bonuses it is clear this set is intended for Magicka Damage Dealers.

Secondary Status Effects

Secondary Status Effects are debuffs that can occur on the enemies (or players) you are attacking as a result of the damage type you are using. Each Secondary Status Effect corresponds directly to a specific damage type and they are as follows (note that Physical Damage and Magic Damage cannot trigger Secondary Status Effects):

  • Burning: Flame damage over time for 4 seconds and ticks every 2 seconds. Chance to proc from any Flame damage.
  • Chilled: Applies Minor Maim, reducing targets damage done by 15%. Also applies a very small Damage over Time Effect.
  • Concussed: Applies Minor Vulnerability, increasing damage taken by 8% for 4 seconds. Chance to proc from any lightning damage. Does not proc off Staff Light and Heavy attacks but it can proc from splash damage of Heavy Staff attack. Also applies a very small Damage over Time Effect.
  • Poisoned: Applies Poison to target, dealing Poison damage to target for 12 secs. Procs from any Poison type damage.
  • Diseased: Applies Diseased status effect, reducing healing received by 15% for 10 secs. Procs from any Diseased type damage.

Every Skill, Set, Weapon Enchantment (and Light or Heavy Attack if using a Destro Staff) can trigger these Secondary Status Effects. However, the likelihood that they will trigger depends on several factors. Below are the base percentages that each Secondary Status Effect can proc when using one of the following:

  • Weapon Enchantments: 20%
  • Standard Ability: 10%
  • Area of Effect Abilities: 5%
  • Damage over Time Abilities: 3%
  • Area of Effect Damage over Time Abilities: 1%

You can see that Weapon Enchantments have the best chance of triggering a Secondary Status Effect, followed by single-target direct damaging Skills, while AoEs and DoTs have a much lower chance. However you can boost these numbers in 3 ways:

  • Elemental Force: This Destruction Staff passive increases the chance to set Burning, Chilled or Concussed by 100% at max rank. This effectively doubles the percentages listed above.
  • Glacial Presence: This Warden only passive increases the chance to set Chilled with Winter’s Embrace abilities by 200%, but this only applies to these Skills.
  • Charged Trait: This Weapon Trait will increase the chance of triggering a Secondary Status Effect by up to 220% at Legendary quality on a two-handed weapon. This is 220% of the percentages listed above.

So how do you then calculate the proc chance of something like using an AoE with a Destruction Staff with a Charged Trait? It’s really pretty simple if you follow this formula:

(5% * Elemental Force bonus) + (5% * Charged Trait bonus) + (5% * Glacial Presence bonus) = total percentage to proc on an AoE per target

To do this you multiply 5% (the percentage for Area of Effect Abilities) by 100%because of the Destruction Staff passive, and this gives you 5%. Then you multiply 5% by 220% because of the Charged Trait and you get 11%. Now you add the base value: 5% + the addition 5% from Destro Staff, with the additional 11%from Charged to get a grand total of 21% chance when using an AoE.

What You Need To Know About Caluurion’s Legacy Set

How this set works is whenever you hit single target with Critical Damage from direct damage Magicka ability, it will spawn a ball that does Fire, Fire, Shock or Disease damage. It also inflicts the Secondary Status Effect of the corresponding element it shoots. The element of the ball that spawns is random, and there is no way to control which type it will fire.

Ball procs every 10 secs if you score a Critical Hit

Single Target Magicka abilities are abilities like Flame Lash, Searing Embers, Radiant Destruction, Piercing Javelin, Destructive Touch and many others that deal damage only to one enemy, and the proc can only happen from direct damage, not damage over time. It does not work with abilities like Puncturing Strikes, Engulfing Flames, Flames of Oblivion, Wall of Elements, Blazing Spear… In addition, this Set’s bonus has no range limitations. No matter what the distance is, the ball will spawn if the cooldown has expired. That means both melee and range style Magicka DPS classes can utilize this set.

Tooltip damage can be increased to a maximum of 17928 damage. To get to this number you will need 100 points into the Elemental Expert and Master-at-Arms Champion Skills. Only Ice, Flame and Shock damage is affected by the tooltip damage change, and although the Tooltip damage does not show any increase from the Mighty Champion Skill, it does affect Disease ball damage. Please also note that this Set cannot Critically Strike since it is a Proc Set.

Notes for PvE Players

Caluurion’s Legacy can be used in PvE with moderate effect. 12-16k damage is not that high in 10 secs but it definitely adds to overall DPS. You can also add a Burning effect (if you get lucky) that would deal around 5k more damage over 4 secs. Magicka DPS classes that are built around elemental damage can utilize this the best because Elemental Expert Champion Skill would effect other abilities they are using. Dragonknights and Sorcerers are primary candidates for it due to many abilities that do elemental damage. A very important thing is to have Spell Critical as high as possible to have realistic chance of procing the set bonus the second it comes off of cooldown.

This set can add moderate damage to overall dps.

Major Prophecy is crucial buff to have to increase Spell Critical chance by 10%. There are some abilities that grant it while slotted, like Flames of Oblivion, but the one everyone can have is called Inner Light and is part of Mages Guild Skill Line. While slotted it grants Major Prophecy and increases Max Magicka by 5%, which is great for any Magicka DPS. By having 2 points in Magicka Controller passive it will grant additional 2% to Magicka and Magicka Recovery. Major Prophecy stacks with Minor Prophecy that gives 6% Spell Critical chance to a total of 16% when both are active.

Building this to get increased damage from Fire, Shock and Ice is the most sensible route, since you have a much better chance of getting one of them than the Disease ball damage on Magicka DPS, and it would be a waste of points that can be used for more important Champion Skills such as Elfborn and Spell Erosion.

There are many great set combinations to increase single target damage or Spell Critical that work well with Caluurion’s Legacy. Mad Tinkerer is very similar set to Caluurion’s Legacy that adds around 1600 Spell Critical and it can proc another high damage dealing effect every 10 seconds, though the proc misses often. Mother’s Sorrow or Julianos are also great sets with high Spell Critical if you need more.

Notes for PvP Players

In PvP in general bursting down enemy players is best way to ensure victory, and this set can help with just that. In combination with something like Zaan, it can do incredible damage. It is especially useful that the Secondary Status Effects proc 100% of the time from the Set, because enemy players under Burning, Concussed, Chilled or Defile effects are easier to take down. Combine that with Lightning Staff and Destructive Touch to stun the player as well for massive increase in winning chance.

Because this Set triggers nearly instantly, it is very effective at hitting players, especially from close range (the travel time is fast). It is advised that you use this Set in close proximity for that reason, so that other players can not see it coming and react by Dodging or Blocking. Get in close and use another Set like Zaan for devastating results!

Final Thoughts

Caluurion’s Legacy set is for Magicka DPS builds and will be more used in PvP thanks to 100% elemental status proc chance that can cripple enemy players. In PvE damage it is not that great since it has 10 sec cooldown but even then it can be used for that additional burst, especially when used in combination with other proc sets that do higher damage or that increase Spell Critical. It also gives around 1600 Spell Critical which is needed in both PvE and PvP.

The Thief Mundus Stone increases Critical chance even further, making it great addition for these kinds of builds. It goes from 7% to 10,68% with 7 Legendary Divines Traits, making it just that much more likely that you will trigger this Set’s effect.

Thaumaturge does not effect damage directly but it increases Burning damage from Flame ball and almost every other Magic damage-over-time effect. It is a great way to increase damage a lot for Magicka DPS builds. If you plan on using Caluurion’s Legacy definitely level up this Champion Skill to 56 at least (20% increase).

Lastly, Force Pulse is an excellent ability to use when wearing this Set because it strikes 3x, and each strike has a chance to Crit and proc this Set. Get in the habit of using Force Pulse every 10 seconds to refresh this Set’s proc.

Stay tuned as I’ll be covering the rest of the ESO Sets, and be sure to check out our other ESO Guides!


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