ESO Sets Build Guide: Grave-Stake Collector – Solitary Sustain

ESO Sets Build Guide: Grave-Stake Collector – Solitary Sustain

Welcome to another installment of a segment where we dive into one Elder Scrolls Online’s many Sets, and explore what sort of Builds you can make. Not only will we show you how to get the most from these Sets, but we’ll explain where to get them, what requirements there are to obtain them (if any), and everything else you could possibly want to know about them. In this article we take a look at Grave-Stake Collector Set, which is used to replenish Magicka and Stamina at the same time.


An Introduction to Grave-Stake Collector

This Set was added to the game with Update 20 Murkmire, which launched in October/November of 2018. Grave-Stake Collector is one of 3 new Crafted Sets introduced with this DLC. It can only be crafted at Set Crafting Station located in Murkmire and requirement to craft is 7 Traits. Sweet Breeze Overlook Crafting Station can be found in Murkmire northern territory directly above Bright-Throat Village.

Murkmire DLC is required to gain access to the needed Crafting Station, but players can, of course, still have another player craft it for them if they do not own the DLC. Since it is crafted, it can be made in any craftable Style, Light/Medium/Heavy Armor, all Weapons, Shield and Jewelry. This also means that you can add any Trait to said set while crafting. Note that you will need the Summerset Chapter in order to craft Jewelry for this Set.

Enemies you’ve damaged have a 10% chance to drop a grave-stake for 6 seconds after they’ve died. Touching the grave-stake restores, if legendary, 6500 Stamina and Magicka. Only one grave-stake can appear at a time. The increase from Epic to Legendary is around 200  Magicka and Stamina restored, which is not worth the Legendary materials. Stick to Epic Armor and Jewelry Quality. If you are running this with Weapons from this set, consider upgrading to Legendary to increase your DPS.

Proc Sets and How They Work

Proc Sets, or Sets that have “chance to apply some effect” called “Proccing” are becoming more popular in ESO and seemingly added every major Update (Proc is short for: Programmed Random OCcurrence). When the conditions of the Proc Set are met the effect will trigger. However, not all Proc Sets work the same way, and some apply buffs that remain on you whether you continue to wear the Set or not. Learning how to use Proc Sets effectively is extremely important for min/maxing, especially in PvP.

An important thing to note is that Proc Sets can no longer Critically Strike or Critically Heal as of Update 13 (Homestead) so as to reduce their effectiveness in Cyrodiil. In addition, many Proc Sets have cooldowns to keep them from being abused. When choosing a Proc Set to use, if you’re so inclined, you want to not only look at the effect, but how often you can apply it. Finding Sets with little or no cooldown is ideal, because it allows you to trigger them frequently. Grave-Stake Collector has no cooldown, making it an ideal type of Proc Set.

examples of proc sets

Two examples of “Proc Sets”. You can see that Wizard’s Riposte has no cooldown, so can be reapplied and applied to many people at once, making it extremely useful.

What You Need To Know About Grave-Stake Collector

How this set works is that whenever you damage an enemy, they have 10 % chance of dropping a Grave-Stake when killed, at the location they died. Walking to the Stake activates it, restoring Stamina and Magicka. This is done automatically when walking over it, and there is no need to interact with it.

There can only be one Grave-Stake active at a time and it lasts for 6 seconds before vanishing, if not used. This means ideally you’d be near the enemy when it dies in order to grab the Grave-Stake quickly, thus allowing other Grave-Stakes to spawn. An important thing to note is that you only have to damage an enemy, not kill it yourself, in order to have a chance of spawning a Grave-Stake. There is no mark placed on enemies you damage, so you’ll have to keep track if you’ve damaged the enemy yourself or not.

Grave Stake looks similar to any totem you have ever seen.

Other players cannot pick up Grave-Stakes that drop from your Set, and in fact they cannot even see it on their screen to attempt to do so. This means that if you are in a 4 man group and everyone wears this Set (hypothetically) and everyone procs at the same time, there would be 4 Grave-Stakes on the floor but each player could only see their own. This means that this Set cannot be used by healers for sustain support.

The problems with this Set are many. First, there is only a 10% chance for a Grave-Stake to appear, which is extremely low (and sometimes it feels even lower than 10%). Another issue is that when Grave-Stake appears, you need to actively walk to it to get the Magicka and Stamina restoration effect within 6 seconds. The spot where the enemy died can be extremely dangerous at the time when a Grave-Stake spawns, forcing you to miss out on sustain opportunities. To add insult to injury, you cannot spawn a new Stake while one is available, punishing you for not picking it up.

Notes for PvE Players

Grave-Stake Collector is best used on Tanks because it grants Max Health, Stamina and Magicka. Healers do not need Stamina and Health, so that immediately makes it not as good for them. And on top of that, they needs their Sets to benefit their group, which this does not. The saving grace of having this Set on a Tank is that you are the only one that can pick up your Grave-Stake, which helps with resource management. Since running out of resources is often the reason Tanks die, this can be a godsend under the right circumstances.

While it does not have many uses, Grave Stake Collector shines in Maelstrom arena where resource management is crucial

Though Grave-Stake Collector can be used by a Tank in a group setting, it shines in Maelstrom Arena solo play. Maelstrom Arena is taxing on resources since you need to run around a lot, Dodge, Block and kill lots of enemies at the same time. This means you will be using both Magicka and Stamina, no matter the build, and the addition of the Health on the Set doesn’t hurt either. For all intents and purposes, in Maelstrom Arena you are the Tank, Healer and DPS, and this Set is perfect for that exact situation.

Maelstrom Arena Builds will need to pair this Set with something that increases their DPS or they will not be able to kill much. There are lots of great Stamina and Magicka DPS Sets available, so be sure to check out the Wiki to see what is available.


Be sure to use the Wiki to theory craft and plan accordingly!

Tanks using this Set will need to pair it with other traditional tanking Sets in order to survive in between the spawning of Grave-Stakes. There are a lot of Tank Sets out there so I won’t list them all here, but it’s probably best if you use Grave-Stake Collector Jewelry and something like Waist and Gloves. This way you won’t need to upgrade these pieces to Legendary, saving you materials.

Notes for PvP

Grave Stake Collector can be useful in PvP as well, but the scenarios in which it works well are limited. Because you don’t need to kill enemies, but just hit them before they die, you’ll want to look for large battles where you can strike with many AoEs. Ideally this would be bridge fights, or taking keeps. You won’t want to use this Set defensively, because the Grave-Stakes spawn where the enemy dies. If you’re high up on a wall and they are down below in a horde, then you cannot grab it without dying.


Taking keeps in PvP is how to get the most of this Set.

Set-wise you’ll probably want to play as a tank or melee DPS, because you will want to be close to enemies when they die. If you’re playing a Tank you’ll want something that gives you good Stamina sustain, so that you can Block very often. If you’re playing DPS then you’ll need something that boosts damage significantly, as you will already have a bit lower than usual with Grave-Stake as your second set.

Final Tips

Grave-Stake Collector is a Tank set that can find its use primarily in Maelstrom Arena, but also in group play due to the nice effect of restoring Magicka and Stamina at the same time. If you’re tanking with this Set be sure to have at least one AoE Skill slotted, so that you can “mark” many enemies, improving your chances of spawning a Stake.

One thing to point out is that the Grave-Stake is often hard to see with many effects happening on the screen at once, so you’ll have to keep a careful eye out for it. You definitely don’t want to miss out on them, so take the time to learn exactly what they look like.

While Standard and Grave Stake upon closer examination do not look anything alike, it is hard to pay attention to small details in the midst of all the chaos of ESO combat.

When using this Set as a Tank, you may find situations where it simply isn’t needed. There are many Boss fights where it is just one Boss with no additional enemies, rendering the Set ineffective. For this reason, I strongly suggest having a back up tanking Set for those times, particularly if it’s in a tough dungeon. Don’t wipe your group because you are not prepared!

Stay tuned as I’ll be covering the rest of the Murkmire Sets, and be sure to check out our other ESO Guides!


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