ESO Set Guide: Ulfnor’s Favor Set – Fully-Charged Fun

ESO Set Guide: Ulfnor’s Favor Set – Fully-Charged Fun

Welcome to another installment of a segment where we dive into one Elder Scrolls Online’s many Sets, and explore what sort of Builds you can make. Not only will we show you how to get the most from these Sets, but we’ll explain where to get them, what requirements there are to obtain them (if any), and everything else you could possibly want to know about them. In this article we will take a look at Ulfnor’s Favor Set which restores more Magicka and Stamina with Heavy Attacks.

Ulfnor’s Favor has great potential but on its own without optimization it is not worth it

Introduction To Ulfnor’s Favor Set

This set was added to the game with Dragon Bones DLC.  It launched on PC/Mac on 12th February 2018 and Consoles on February 17th 2018. Dragon Bones introduced two new dungeons (Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair) which are Norse-themed. This Set drops in Fang Lair, which is located in Bangkorai, and each set item is bind on pickup, meaning you will have to run the Dungeon to obtain it. You can acquire Heavy Armor, weapons and jewelry of this Set, and they are in the Fang Lair Motif style. Fang Lair Motif has a chance of dropping from last boss in Veteran Fang Lair, or it can be also purchased from the Crown Store.

Weapon and Armor Traits are random, meaning you are likely to have to farm pieces for different Traits. This is a Heavy Set so enchantments on Armor and Weapon pieces are Max Health and Absorb Health. Jewelry comes with Healthy Traits and Health Recovery Enchantments. Keep in mind that you can use Transmutation to change Traits if you wish, however the Summerset expansion is needed, along with 50 Transmute Crystals.

Ulfnor’s Favor set provides players with increased Max Health, Stamina & Magicka Recovery and Healing Taken with 4 pieces equipped. The 5 piece set bonus increases the amount of Magicka and Stamina you restore by 30% with fully-charged Heavy Attacks.

Ulfnor’s Favor set can be optimized to restore an insane amount of resources per heavy attack

Light and Heavy Attacks, Things You Need to Know

Light and Heavy Attacks are basic attacks that anyone in Elder Scrolls Online can perform, regardless of Race or Class. They don’t cost any resources, and fully-charged Heavy Attacks will even restore Stamina or Magicka based on the Weapon used. Some things to note about Heavy Attacks are: the longer you hold down the attack button to perform a Heavy Attack, the more damage you will deal, capping out at “fully-charged”, and Heavy Attacks that are not fully-charged will NOT return resources. Both Light and Heavy Attacks also cause you to gain Ultimate, so continuously striking with them will be sure to increase your Ultimate up-time.


This Star maxes out at +35% Damage.

The damage for Light and Heavy Attacks is increased by Max Stamina and Weapon Damage for all Stamina-based Weapons, and Max Magicka and Spell Damage for Magicka-based weapons (Staves). Light and Heavy Attacks have a 10:1 ratio, meaning you would need to add 1000 Max Stamina or Magicka to get the equivalent of 100 Weapon or Spell Damage. This means when you are making a build that focuses on Light or Heavy Attack damage it doesn’t matter if you prioritize Stamina or Weapon Damage /Magicka or Spell Damage, they will roughly contribute the same.

So how much does Spell Damage add to your Light and Heavy Attacks anyway? That’s a great question! See below for details:

No Champion Points

  • Light Attacks: Roughly 0.72 damage per point of Spell Damage
  • Heavy Attacks (fully-charged): Roughly 2 damage per point of Spell Damage
  • Heavy Attacks (not fully-charged): Somewhere on a scale in the middle depending on length of time the button was held.

100 Points Into Staff Expert

  • Light Attacks: Roughly 0.95 damage per point of Spell Damage
  • Heavy Attacks (fully-charged): Roughly 2.62 damage per point of Spell Damage
  • Heavy Attacks (not fully-charged): Somewhere on a scale in the middle depending on length of time the button was held.

Fully-Charged Heavy Attack Resource Return Values

Each Weapon setup returns a different amount of resources per fully-charged Heavy Attack, and below are listed these values. This is important to know, because it effects how useful this Set will be when theory crafting your setup.

  • Bow: 2724 Stamina
  • Dual Wield : 1667 Stamina
  • Two-Handed: 2426 Stamina
  • One-Haned & Shield: 2014 Stamina
  • Flame or Frost Staff: 2823 Magicka
  • Lightning Staff: 3633 Magicka
  • Restoration Staff: 3219 Magicka or 4184 Magicka (with Cycle of life passive)
  • Werewolf: 1617 Stamina or 3234 Stamina (with Pursuit passive)

Values taken from research done by Aedaryl in this thread.

What You Need To Know About Ulfnor’s Favor Set

How this set works is whenever you hit an enemy with a fully-charged Heavy Attack, the usual Stamina and Magicka that is restored is increased by 30%. The resource you return of course depends on the weapon you used, with Staves returning Magicka and all else returning Stamina.

At CP 810, without the Ulfnor Set, with Sword and Shield equipped and no benefits from Heavy Armor, Tenacity or anything else, with every Heavy Attack ~ 2k Stamina was restored. Adding to that 25% from Revitalize, 15% from Tenacity and 30% from Ulfnor’s Favor that number went up to 3.6k. This is not much of an increase, and one that is not big enough to really justify this Set.

At CP 810 without the Ulfnor Set, with Restoration Staff equipped and no benefits from Heavy Armor, Tenacity or anything else, every Heavy Attack restored ~ 3.2k Magicka. Adding to that 25% from Revitalize, 15% from Tenacity, 30% from Ulfnor and 30% from Cycle of Life that number went up to 7.4k Magicka restored per Heavy Attack. This significant increase makes this Set worthwhile for Builds that use it to return Magicka with a Restoration Staff or Shock Staff.

Werewolves can have significant benefits from this set. With 30% from Ulfnor, 15% from Tenacity, 25% from Revitalize and 100% from Pursuit they can restore ~7.9k Stamina per Heavy Attack. If an enemy is Off Balance that number goes up to incredible ~15.8k Stamina per Heavy Attack! Luckily, Ferocious Roar does just that, so you can reliably put enemies Off Balance.

These numbers become even more significant when we add in to the equation a fully-charged Heavy Attack against an Off Balance target. When an enemy is Set Off Balance, every Heavy Attack restores 100% more Stamina or Magicka. Add it all together and you get ~7.2k Stamina and ~14.8k Magicka restored per Heavy Attack against an Off Balance enemy! Because Lightning Staves are the best source of Off Balance, this makes this extremely viable on Magicka Builds that use them.

Notes for PvE Players

Ulfnor’s Favor Set is heavily favored towards Magicka Builds due to the high amount of Magicka restored per fully-charged Heavy Attack, and it has its uses in both solo and group play. When playing solo (Maelstrom Arena), enemies mostly rush you so setting them Off Balance by Blocking their special attacks and restoring Magicka with Heavy attack afterwards is not an issue. In group play this set can be used with similar effectiveness because you do not have to be the one setting the enemy Off Balance. Anyone can do that while you reap the benefits by using fully-charged Heavy Attacks on Off Balanced enemies. No matter which Magicka based role you fulfill in the party, this set is going to be useful when optimized, even if it’s not a “meta” Set.

When enemy is off balance you can restore almost all of Magicka with one Heavy Attack

This Set can be used effectively on a Magicka Tank or on a Magicka DPS by using a Lightning Staff on one bar to set enemies Off Balance, and then by consuming it with a Fully-Charged Heavy Attack with the same Staff. This gives you the most Magicka for your buck. On a healer, you’d simply use a Restoration Staff to gain Magicka back often, forgoing Magicka Recovery. You can also use the Wisdom of Vanus Set if your a healer in order to extend your Major Mending to 6 Seconds when you do this.

Arch-Mage Set adds Magicka Recovery, Max Magicka, Spell Damage and additional 834 Magicka restored per Heavy Attack. Restoration Staff fully charged Heavy Attack with 25% from Revitalize, 15% from Tenacity, 30% from Ulfnor and 30% from Cycle of Life restored ~8,3k Magicka per heavy attack and ~16,6k when target is Off Balanced. This synergizes with builds that would utilize Ulfnor’s Favor since it adds more sustainability. However, that much Magicka restoration is probably unnecessary if build has been optimized already with Ulfnor and all the passives that would boost it. Sticking to something else that defines your role would be more beneficial.

This set can be used to increase Magicka restoration effectiveness

Notes for PvP Players

Ulfnor’s Favor can be used perhaps to even greater effect in PvP, because you will make better use of all the bonuses it provides. Magicka Recovery, Stamina Recovery, Max Health and Healing Taken are all useful in PvP, and are not needed on most PvE Builds. Heavy Armor is also not bad to use, particularly with this Set, because it further adds to your resource return by way of Revitalize. Even more so in Battlegrounds where there are no CP, and resource management is much more difficult. Just be sure that you don’t get CCed mid animation, so be sure to do it when you have immunity.

If you’re going to be using this Set then you will be doing Heavy Attacks often, and should consider increasing your Heavy Attack damage in some form. Champion Points can do this with the Staff Expert passive, but you could also consider using Sets that increase your Heavy Attack damage. Queen’s Elegance or Knight Slayer are both solid choices here, or you can use Wisdom of Vanus for increased healing, which is also good in PvP.


Since you’ll be Heavy Attacking a bit more often than the average player, finding ways to increase that damage can really help. These two sets can do just that.

Final Thoughts

The conclusion is that Ulfnor’s Favor Set is not overly useful on Stamina Builds, except perhaps a Werewolf, and strongly favors Magicka Builds. If it is optimized for Magicka builds by equipping Ulfnor Restoration Staff or Lightning Staff on your Back Bar while benefiting from Cycle of Life (resto only), Tenacity and Off Balanced enemy bonuses, it becomes a Magicka restoration beast. And, in that case it removes any resource management worries, making it quite good for new players.

Ulfnot’s Favor Set is great addition to any Magicka build

While this Set can be optimized for any Magicka Build, it works best in combination with Heavy Armor because of Revitalize passive bonus. Magicka Tanks are then primary PvE candidates for it because blocking costs Magicka in their case. The occasional fully-charged Heavy Attack should be plenty to top you off, all you have to do is learn when to use it.

To increase Magicka restoration a bit more you can enchant Ulfnor Restoration Staff with Glyph of Absorb Magicka and put Infused Trait to get some more Magicka while using Heavy Attacks with it if you wish. With the Infused Trait you can restore around 450 Magicka more but only every 5 secs, which is not a huge amount.

Stay tuned as I’ll be covering the rest of the ESO Sets, and be sure to check out our other ESO Guides!


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