ESO Set Guide: Steadfast Hero – Permanent Protection

ESO Set Guide: Steadfast Hero – Permanent Protection

Welcome to another installment of a segment where we dive into one Elder Scrolls Online’s many Sets, and explore what sort of Builds you can make. Not only will we show you how to get the most from these Sets, but we’ll explain where to get them, what requirements there are to obtain them (if any), and everything else you could possibly want to know about them. In this article we take a look at Steadfast Hero Set that grants Major Protection upon cleansing negative effects.

Major Protection is one of the best buffs in the game, so having it for 5 secs min every 10 secs is pretty good

An Introduction To Steadfast Hero Set

This Set was added to the game with Update 20 Murkmire, which launched in October/November of 2018. Battalion Defender is Rewards of the Worthy Set, and Rewards of the Worthy are obtained via mail after acquiring 20k Alliance Points either in Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. The Style of this Set is tied to the Alliance that you are in, but you can trade or purchase the same pieces of different Styles from other players. Motifs can be found in chests in both Cyrodiil and the Imperial City. Players will only find the Style of their faction, so players from other factions will need to purchase them from vendors or other players.

Since this is Rewards of the Worthy Set, it will drop all weapon types, jewelry and armor pieces but only in Heavy Armor. Armor and Weapons pieces come with random Traits so you will need to farm them to get the ones you want, and jewelry comes with the Healthy Trait. Keep in mind that you can use Transmutation to change Traits if you wish, however the Summerset expansion is needed, along with 50 Transmute Crystals.

Steadfast Hero set increases Max Health, Physical and Spell Resistance. 5 piece set bonus grants Major Protection for 5 secs when you cleanse yourself or an ally. This effect can occur once every 10 secs.

Damage Mitigation and Calculations

Putting it all together and connecting the dots can be confusing at first glance, but is actually rather simple once you get the hang of it. The calculation for Damage Mitigation is as follows:

MITIGATION=100-(100*(1-((Resistance/662)/100))*(1-(Mitigation #1)/100)*(1-(Mitigation #2)/100)*(1-(Mitigation #3)/100))*etc etc)

I know that seems overwhelming, so let’s do an example:

Let’s say you have 25000 Physical and Spell Resistance and you have Minor Protection (-8% incoming damage) and your a Nord (-6% incoming damage) with 20% reduced damage to direct attacks and 7% reduced damage to Poison Attacks and let’s say someone attacks you with a Poison direct damage Skills. To calculate the percentage you would mitigate is as follows:


This gives you roughly 60% damage mitigation. Not as high as you thought? That’s because damage mitigation is multiplicative and that means that each source of protection is only giving a percentage of a percentage. The more percentages you add, the less useful each becomes. Think about it like a pie. If you have 50% resistances then that means you have half a pie left. If then you have Major Protection (30%) damage reduction, then you’re taking 30% of the remaining half of the pie which as not as good as if you took 30% of the whole pie. It is done this way to prevent a player from reaching the point they are simply immune to damage, which would be game breaking. Also remember that you gain a 50% damage reduction while in PvP, so be sure to factor that into your calculations.

For more information on damage mitigation and calculations, please see this thread on the ESO Forum. It was posted by a user named Paulsimonps and it has a ton of information and is the source of this section.

What You Need To Know About Steadfast Hero

How this set works is that whenever you cleanse a negative effect from yourself or an ally, Major Protection is granted to you only, which increases your damage reduction against all damage sources by 30% for 5 secs. Major Protection is a 30% damage reduction and Minor Protection is 8%, and they stack, meaning you can have 38% damage reduction at once. Many Classes have abilities that grant this, so it isn’t difficult to have both at once. Templars, for example, gain this whenever they use an Aedric Spear ability.

Major Protection from Steadfast Hero procs from every source that removes negative effects, and that means the Wyrd Tree’s Blessing Set works as well. What that does is it makes this Set more versatile and available for more Classes, particularly those who do not have a Cleanse in their skill set. Purge can be used by anyone, but it is the most expensive Skill in the game with a cost of 8100 Magicka, making it rarely slotted or used outside of PvP.

These are all negative effect removal sources in ESO:

Notes for PvE Players

Steadfast Hero is best used on Tanks because of the 2, 3 and 4 piece bonuses, and Trials and Dungeons are where there are lot of negative effects, making this Set much more useful there. The overall uptime of this Set can be increaesd to 7 seconds by using the Jorvuld’s Guidance Set. Having 30% damage reduction for 7 secs out of every 10 is pretty damn good when you’re a Tank, you just need enemies to cast negative effects on you!

The Wyrd Tree Set can be used in combination with Steadfast Hero for excellent results. It is a Heavy Armor Set as well, and it removes negative effects every time you use Magicka ability. While it does not sound as great on paper, in practice it works much better. Having to pay attention to all uptimes, downtimes and if negative effects are even active on you can be problematic while tanking to say the least. Wyrd Tree removes that problem completely because every time a Magicka ability is activated you will get cleansed if there are any negative effects present. Using a setup like this will regulate you to a Magicka Tank role, however, and that is a more advanced style of tanking.

As for Monster Helm Sets, stick with commonly used ones that are good for Tanking and make sure you avoid the Pirate Skeleton Set. This Set grants Major Protection, which does not Stack with the Major Protection from Steadfast Hero. Some commonly used Tanking Sets are:

Notes for PvP Players

Negative effects are important part of PvP, and removing them becomes crucial if you do not want to find yourself helpless. Steadfast Hero therefore works great in a competitive environment where you will need to Cleanse regularly. However, your damage will suffer greatly from using this Set, all but regulating you to a tanking role. Also keep in mind that you already gain a -50% damage taken buff from being in Cyrodiil, so between that and your Armor, Major Protection will only reduce your damage taken by about 8-10%.

Tanks in PvP need to have lots of resource management, in this case Magicka, in order to stay alive. You’ll want to consider pairing this Set with something like Desert Rose or Syrabane’s Grip, so that you gain lots of Magicka return often, helping to keep you alive. Neither of these are particularly hard to get, because they are both bind-on equip.


Final Thoughts

This set is a great Set for tanks when used with Jorvuld’s Guidance or Wyrd Tree’s Blessing. These two are Magicka based Sets so to properly utilize a combination of these sets, with Steadfast Hero, you would need to run a Magicka Tank. Magicka Tanks are recommended only for advanced players due to nature, and lack of a reliably spammable taunt. They tank with Frost Staff through the Tri-Focus passive that converts their block resource from Stamina to Magicka. It also grants them Damage Shields whenever they use Heavy Attacks with the Frost Staff. Jorvuld and Wyrd help with such builds because of the added Magicka Recovery.

All classes can Cleanse if there is a Templar healer, because of their Cleansing Ritual ability, making this Set usable by just about any Tank. They just have to remember to use the Synergy that is prompted to them as often as possible, and hope they have a negative status effect on them when doing so. If you’re using it on a Stamina Tank though, you will not use either of the above mentioned Sets and should instead consider using one of the ones listed below.

Consider adding the Vykosa Monster Helm Set with this Build for times when Bosses hit hard. If you can time your Bash right then you can have Major Protection up while you also have Major Maim on the Boss. Taking this even further, you could strike with Deep Slash, putting Minor Maim on the target as well. This means you would have Major Protection -30% Damage, Major Maim -30% Damage and Minor Maim -15% Damage.

Another thing to note here is that Templar Tanks can gain Major Protection often with the Empowering Sweep ability, allowing them to keep up Major Protection nearly constantly between it and this Set. Use Empowering  Sweep, then when it runs out, Cleanse with Cleansing Ritual to refresh the buff. Then when it runs out, use Empowering Sweep again.

Stay tuned as I’ll be covering the rest of the ESO Sets, and be sure to check out our other ESO Guides!


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