ESO: Murkmire’s Blackrose Prison Preview

ESO: Murkmire’s Blackrose Prison Preview

The Elder Scrolls Online will be releasing the next instalment of the game Murkmire. Along with the DLC will come new arenas to battle in Blackrose Prison.

ESO: Murkmire’s Blackrose Prison Preview

This time ESO will be taking players to the dangerous marshy lands of the Argonians, along with this new area comes Blackrose Prison. Dating back centuries, the prison was home to the most treacherous members of the Empire, criminals and monsters alike. Safe to stay conditions and treatment of the inhabitants were awful. The indigenous Naga were also held within it’s walls, suffering in the hands of the jailers.

It wasn’t until centuries later when the Naga, the fearsome Argonian warriors that they are, reclaimed the prison as their own and called themselves the Blackguards. It then became a proving ground for their newly recruited. But it is here where you will find yourself on a rescue mission.

You and your group enter Blackrose Prison in order to help the thief Erilthel free her master Seeks-the-Dark, who has been captured and forced to run the arena. Erilthel has tracked him down (she’s kind of a super sleuth) to this location, but in order to save him, she needs you to face the gauntlet of Drakeeh’s making.

Mike Finnigan – ESO’s Dungeon Lead

The Arena

This latest test will invite you and three companions into the Blackrose Prison where you will be faced with waves of enemies in five different arenas. Each of the arenas will have five rounds, with the last round pitting you against a boss. But it won’t be just the enemies or bosses that will be deadly, even the environment around you will contain traps and perilous features. The place is just as unfriendly as the inhabitants that lie in wait.


  • Imperial deserters
  • Monstrous beasts of the swamp
  • Vampires
  • Blackguards


If you’re going to make it out alive you will need items to aid you in this fight, new Sigils will provide much needed help in getting you through these challenging times. Sigils allow players to help “customize the difficulty” when commencing the area.

  • Sigil of Resurrection: Resurrects dead team members and protects the activating player
  • Sigil of Shielding: Reduces incoming damage to all team members and reflects projectile attacks for a limited time
  • Sigil of Sustain: Gives Magicka and Stamina boosts to all team members for a limited time
  • Sigil of Healing: Heals all team members for a limited time

Only one specific Sigil can be used in once per arena. Using Sigils will come with a penalty when used, points will be taken from your Veteran Leaderboard score when doing so. However, it is up to the player to decide whether or not they make use of them.


Don’t think that your efforts will go without reward, each boss in Blackrose Prison has a chance to drop gear from one of the three zone sets found in Murkmire. One of these unique sets includes Bright-Throat’s Boast which increases your Max Magicka and Magicka Recovery when you have consumed a drink buff.


The weapon that players will find in this prison is the Blackrose Weapon, they are similar to those found in the Maelstrom Arena, Dragonstar Arena and Asylum Sanctorium. These weapons include a buff to abilities, one example is the Blackrose Restoration Staff that can give your allies Major Vitality when you shield them with a Steadfast Ward, boosting your healing abilities. Completing this dungeon on Veteran difficulty will grant players a Perfected weapon.

Blackrose Restoration Staff


Having completed the Blackrose Prison on Veteran, players will get to claim a new collectible, the Marshmist Palescale Skin. This skin gives characters a reptilian look, so you can feel more at home in the swamps of Murkmire. Gain yourself the grand title of “The Unchained” by completing the dungeon within 40 minutes without the use of Sigils or dying.

Marshmist Palescale Skin

The Elder Scrolls Online is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC with the latest expansion Murkmire coming soon for ESO Plus members and the Crown Store. Gain this DLC as a Daily Reward for the month of November. Along with the DLC comes Update 20 which is available for free with the base-game.

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