ESO Murkmire DLC Gets Showcased by Bethesda

ESO Murkmire DLC Gets Showcased by Bethesda

Last week Bethesda released some more details on upcoming DLC Murkmire for MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online. They also shared this weekend a livestream preview of the home of Argonians, Black Marsh.

Elder Scroll Online Murkmire DLC Gets Showcased by Bethesda

Community managers Gina Bruno and Jess Folsom hosted a livestream featuring the new DLC zone for Murkmire. The stream later introduced Zone Lead Ed Stark and Senior Writer-Designer Leamon Tuttle to go over the details of the DLC as well as answer some fan questions from chat.

Home to the Argonians

The stream includes some gameplay, showing off 50 minutes of action from the new expansion. We get to take a look at the new zone DLC area which is located in Black Marsh. Not only will there be a chance to discover the new swampy location but new main quest line. During the playthrough Ed and Leamon discuss some of the backstory to the area plus lore of some of creatures that exist in Murkmire.

The unique calendar can be found in Murkmire DLC which was previously mentioned in Shadows of the Hist

Check out the live stream below to see Murkmire and what it has to offer:

We will be sure to update you further news on the Murkmire DLC as well as changes for update 20. In the mean time you can check an overview of whats to come in our ESO Murkmire DLC And Update 20 Preview.

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