ESO Murkmire DLC and Update 20 Preview

ESO Murkmire DLC and Update 20 Preview

Last updated on September 18th, 2018

It was at this year’s E3 2018 when Bethesda announced the addition of two new DLCs coming to Elder Scrolls Online. They now announce more details of the next upcoming expansion Murkmire along with update 20 details.

Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire DLC and Update 20 Preview

Murkmire will be the next zone containing more story content , expanding the vast world of ESO. Taking you to the home of the Argonians, you will battle to win the trust of the tribes while venturing deeper into the eroding Xanmeer ruins and slash your way through the savage Black Marsh, to discover it’s concealed Hist secrets.

The DLC includes a new zone, a new main quest line, a challenging new group arena and more. Along with the DLC comes Update 20, which carries changes to Cyrodiil, new Music Box furnishings and a host of Home Editor improvements and balance changes.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire will not only be available soon for ESO Plus and for purchase in the Crown Store but will be a daily reward for the month November. So make sure you complete your daily rewards in November if you want to get your hands on this DLC.

Uncovering The Hist

A new zone will be available with Murkmire, situated in the southern coast of Black Marsh. Discover a myriad of swamps, jungles, stilt houses, mysterious temples and dilapidated ruins.

New challenges await adventurers with new world bosses, delves, quests and more. As you venture through unknown lands, gain valuable rewards which include new item sets, furnishings, style collectibles and more.

Along your perilous journey you will meet the enigmatic Angornians who are searching to regain the legendary Saxhleel antiquity. Discover a whole new culture with quirky characters to get to know.

Battle New Challenges in the Arena

Dating back centuries, the Blackrose Prison was build by the mage Pelladil Direnni and his Stone Atronachs. Once the most feared people of this land. This sets the stage for a new proving ground for the Blackguard. Enter if you dare with up to four players to climb your way up the arena leaderboard, through five stages that will test your skill. Surviving the area will grant you new weapons such as the Blackrose Greatsword with Uppercut ability boosts and new item sets. Make use of the newest Sigil, Sigil of Resurrection which will be needed to revive your entire team simultaneously if things go south.

Big Changes to Cyrodiil

Major changes are afoot as Cyrodiil will now include destructible bridges and Milesgates. Update 20 is a free update for ESO base game which includes changes to the Alliance War. Destroying Cyrodiil’s bridges or Milegates could block the opposing alliance or delay them in an attack.

To balance out this change, Cyrodiil will now have new goat paths that can be found close by, unveiling a secret way to enter enemy territory. Using the paths do not come without risk, if your enemy knows the route you’re taking, it could end in a deadly ambush.

Further additions include new Outposts, giving you more places to commence your attack from or retreat to.

Update 20

This will be bringing some added content and changes for the Housing system to Cyrodiil. These functional changes such as being able to move multiple items at once, so you can now move entire scenes more easily. A new undo function will be added meaning you can quickly reverse any unwanted/accidental changes. If you were longing for music to be a part of your home, now you can enjoy a tune or two with the new furnishing type, Music Boxes.

Quality of Life Changes

There are some quality of life changes that will come with Update 20:

  • Ability to reorder your characters in the character selection screen
  • Changes to ESO combat to help balance Classes
  • Counterplay opportunities for Damage Shield Abilities
  • Improved Light and Medium Armor Passive effectiveness

We will be sure to update you with further balances changes and details of Update 20 as they are released. In the mean time you can visit our Elder Scrolls Online wiki for all your ESO needs.

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