ESO Limited Time Only Monstrous Outfits

ESO Limited Time Only Monstrous Outfits

For a limited time only you’ll be able to acquire Monster sets in The Elder Scrolls Online. Gain boss themed masks, shoulders and weapons Outfit Style pages. These monstrous styles will become available starting July 25th 2018.

ESO Limited Time Only Monstrous Outfits

Starting on July 25th at 10:00AM EDT until August 29th 10:00AM EDT the first look will be available in Ilambris style. But each Outfit Style page for each boss will be available for about only a month. ESO plan to rotate the different styles monthly, available in the Crown Store Showcase. So if there is a particular boss style you’re after grab it while you can!

Show your inner monster with these Monstrous Outfit styles

Monster Mask and Shoulders Outfit Styles

The first Outfit Style to be featured is none other than  Ilambris. Players will be able to acquire Ilambris Monster Mask as well as Ilambris Monster Shoulders starting on Wednesday July 25th through in-game activities.

Ilambris Monster Mask

If you wish to claim a Ilambris Monster Mask you will need to defeat the Crypt of Hearts 1 dungeon’s final boss on Veteran difficulty. There will be a chance that the boss will drop the Outfit Style page all month-long.

If you have already earned the Hard Mode achievement called “A Crypt for Two” you will have double the chance to pick up the Ilambris Monster Mask Outfit Style page. This won’t be the only boss that will award increased chances, future Monster Outfit Style will also give you better chance if you have complete the Hard Mode achievement.

Defeat the final boss on Veteran difficulty in Crypt of Hearts 1 to gain a Ilambris Monster Mask

Ilambris Monster Shoulders

Gaining the Ilambris Monster Shoulders will be a little different than the Mask, players will need to own an Undaunted Key as there’ll be a chance of the shoulders dropping from opening the Undaunted Chest. In order to have access to the chest, players will need to complete the Undaunted Pledges first.

Players must obtain the Undaunted Key to open the chest

Note: Pledge does not have to be for Crypt of Hearts 1 in order to be used with the Glirion the Redbeard’s Undaunted Chest.

Monster Outfit Style Arms Pack

Completing both the Mask and Shoulder Outfit style pages during the same period will unlock the ability to purchase the Ilambris Style Arms Pack from the in-game Crown Store.

Ilambris weapons feature a blaze of fire from the Daedric mage Ilambris-Zaven himself. Weapons that already have a different look from enchantments will still have this bright flame when the Ilambris weapon style is equipped.

Arms Pack

The Arms Pack will include Outfit Styles for the following weapons:

  • Two-handed weapons
  • Staves
  • Shields
  • One-handed weapons
  • Bows

Ilambris Style Arm Pack

The Ilambris Style Arms Pack will include these specific Outfit Styles for the following weapons:

Note: Future Monster Style Arms Packs will feature different weapons but will always have a style for each weapon type.

Check out the screenshots of the Ilambris weapon styles below:

Monster Outfit Styles will be available monthly, the first style Ilambris which will be available starting July 25th 2018. The Elders Scrolls Online is available to play on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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