ESO: How to Evolve Your Nascent Indrik Mount

ESO: How to Evolve Your Nascent Indrik Mount

Last updated on March 6th, 2019

So you’ve got your shiny new Nascent Indrik mount but you want to know how to evolve it into something a bit more majestic? Worry not, as here’s all the information you’ll need to earn yourself some mount upgrades.

ESO: How to Evolve Your Nascent Indrik Mount

Much like the past End of Year events, players will need to earn Event Tickets from the upcoming 2019 events. Using 10 tickets will enable you to buy Berries from the Impresario. Each event will allow you to purchase a different kinds of Berries that will transform your Indrik into one of four different versions of the mount. The first evolution will require a set of Dawnwood Berries of Bloom, Dawnwood Berries of Budding, Dawnwood Berries of Growth and Dawnwood Berries of Ripeness.

How to Evolve

Follow these steps to evolve your Nascent Indrik mount:

  1. During the specific games events you will be able to collect Event Tickets by partaking in the specific activities.
    • You will also get a chance to purchase Event Tickets from the Crown Store at a later date in Q1.
  2. After collecting 10 Event Tickets you can put them towards buying Indrik Berries from the event merchant called Impresario. They will be situated at a special booth that will only appear during the events.

  • Impresario Locations:
    • Daggerfall in Glenumbra
    • Davon’s Watch in Stonefalls,
    • Vulkhel Guard in Auridon

  1. There are 4 events to participate in to gain the unique Berries:
    • Midyear Mayhem (In January!) – Dawnwood Berries of Bloom
    • Morrowind Celebration – Dawnwood Berries of Budding
    • Thieves Guild & Dark Brotherhood Celebration – Dawnwood Berries of Growth
    • Jester’s Festival – Dawnwood Berries of Ripeness
  2. Once you have gained all four unique Indrik Berries you will be able to use any of them to evolve you mount into their new form. These can be accessed in the Collection UI.

The Impresario will also continue to sell the previous Indrik Berries from previous events if you happen to miss them. You can also pick up each of the four Indrik Feathers so you can get working on creating your next Nascent Indrik throughout 2019, having a new Indrik for each different evolution.

First evolution is the Dawnwood Indrik

Each quarter of 2019 will allow you to earn sets of berries for different evolutions. Q1 will be for the Dawnwood Indrik, you will need a set of four berries to complete this evolution. Players should note you can only earn those berries for that specific quarter, the berries will not return once a new quarter has started. The first event starts this January with the Midyear Mayhem event.

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