ESO Ebony Epidermis – Last day to buy!

ESO Ebony Epidermis – Last day to buy!

The Elder Scrolls Online has a beautiful and sinister player skin, the “Ebony Epidermis” on the crown store for a limited time only. Don’t miss your chance to get it!

ESO Ebony Epidermis Skin

TESO has several skins available to players, but they are locked behind completion of challenging trials. The Ebony Epidermis is, however, available to everyone via the in-game crown store. So, if you were looking to get a sexy and scary look but can’t find a 12 man group for a trial, this is your chance!

Never trust an alchemist with a Daedric scroll—you might end up with skin that’s the color and hardness of Ebony! Unless you think that’s a good idea, in which case, we’ve literally got you covered.


1200 Crowns – Available until August 14th

For those of you looking to fix your horrible Vampire looks, keep in mind the skin is currently not working for Vampires. A bummer, but if you are willing, the 1200 crowns are quite worth it!

You may want to check out some player photos of the skin on the official forums. Here are some samples:


Some players aren’t that happy with it


Khajiit look for Ebony Epidermis

You can read more about ESO here, check out detailed information on the wiki, or find out why I’m still playing ESO 3 years after launch.



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