ESO: 10 Things to Be Excited About for 2019

Last updated on January 18th, 2019

Today Zenimax held their livestream on their Bethesda Twitch channel and revealed some exciting new things coming to the Elder Scrolls Online for 2019, including the next expansion Elsweyr. While some news had leaked from dataminers just over a week ago, there were definitely more than a few surprises and welcome changes announced. In this article we’ll take a look at just what these are, and fill in you in on an exciting new year of ESO!

ESO: 10 Things to Be Excited About for 2019

As mentioned, some news had previously gotten out about what the next expansion (Elsweyr) would entail for Elder Scrolls Online, however the developers helped confirm some of the rumors and shared more details of what’s coming to the MMORPG. There will be 4 updates coming this year which will all be related to Season of the Dragon and Elsweyr. Read on to find out what’s coming in 2019!

1. Dragons

Yes! Dragons have been confirmed for Elsweyr. Not only was it heavily featured in the full trailer that was premiered during the stream, but we also learned a little about why they are just now popping up in Tamriel. According to Rich Lambert, the Creative Director at Zenimax Online Studios, dragons have long been a part of Elder Scrolls lore but have been “dormant”. They have now been awoken due to the Wrathstone Tablet, and are ready to play a major role in this expansion. A new full 12 person trial will be coming to ESO called Sunspire, with 4 bosses that each have unique difficulty levels. So whether you’re new or a veteran, you will still find a challenge when it comes to the upcoming trial. While there aren’t any dragon mounts as some fans in our community were hoping for, there will be a dragon pet or two.

Look who’s awake

2. Necromancer Class

One of the biggest changes is a brand new class that is a little on the darker side of things. Necromancers have been long requested by ESO fans, according to Zenimax, and they’re now making it happen with Elsweyr. The class was dug up by dataminers previously, which made the reveal seem a little premature, and much of what was shown were concepts and early stages of names in terms of skill line abilities. An outline of a tank build was unveiled, which showed off an ultimate that transforms your character into a colossus skeleton.

Bone Colossus Transformation

One of the most interesting things shared was that while necromancers are coming, their practice of raising the dead is considered “taboo” and the developers are working on how it will be perceived by those around you, especially guards and citizens. The act of Necromancy is seen as an unstable ability, meaning while it is possible to use corpses to wield your powers, it cannot be sustained hence minions only aiding you for a certain amount of time.

3. Race Passive Rebalance/Race Change Token

While it was amazing to have news of an expansion that focuses on the mischievous Khajiit, there will be some change when it comes to Racial Skills. Zenimax didn’t immediately mention what alterations that would be made, but they did later reveal what the proposed changes will be on the ESO Forums. You can have a look at these now on the Wiki, and compare them if you wish, just keep in mind they are not finalized until they are on the live version of the game.

Zenimax will also be giving players a Race Change Token, one per account. This means if you suddenly feel the urge to change one of your characters to a wily Khajiit or maybe an Argonian, this will be possible free of charge. These Tokens are usually between 2000-3000 Crowns in the Crown Store, which is the equivalent of about 20-25$ USD.

4. PVP Artifacts and Updates

The PVP in Cyrodiil is getting a shake up with the announcement of Artifacts joining the game. These powerful items will drop randomly throughout Cyrodiil granting the user great abilities, 5 to be exact and 1 ultimate. It isn’t known yet what exactly they will do, however they do come at a price. You must “feed” the Artifact to keep it on your side by killing PVP players or it will turn on you and devour you. The developers have yet to announce whether Emperors will be able to wield it’s powers. The only known Artifact so far is the legendary two-handed hammer: Volendrung. Cyrodiil isn’t the only place to gain some changes, the Imperial City is going to become it’s very own campaign.



5. Elsweyr

The location of Elsweyr was confirmed today, meaning players will get to explore a new area of Tamriel that is home to the Khajiit, while delving into the lore and culture of this feline race. With different areas of Elsweyr to discover, including grassy savannas, desert and a forest area found in the southern region. This brings a whole new side of the Khajiit to light, and that is on top of the return of Razum-dar!

New Khajiit character featured in trailer

6. No Max Level Cap Update

It has been the norm for ESO to get a new Champion Point Level increase with each update, and the last one brought the max level up to 810. But breaking this tradition, Zenimax announced that the max CP (810) will not change for the foreseeable future. They stated that it was to give new player a chance to catch up, but it remains to be seen how this will impact the game overall.

7. Returning Characters

The new trailer showed off a new character, a female Khajiit called Khamera. While new characters join ESO, some familiar faces are also revealed. Abnur Tharn makes his return, which leads to the release of the dragons into the world of Tamriel and makes a real mess of things. But this is not the only returning character, Cadwell will also be a part of the narrative who is played by the amazing John Cleese, and Razum-dar will also play a part!

Abnur Tharn what have you done now?

8. New Quality Changes – Guild Search

This addition might not be the most exciting, but it is a welcomed feature to ESO. The ability to search and request to join Guilds which will be coming to all platforms. From the beginning ESO players have relied on invites from friends or zone chat to find a guild. Things will be a lot more organised with this option to search for guilds according to your playstyle and request an invite.

9. Map Guide

Keeping track of quests, areas discovered and other details can be daunting especially for newer players who are not familiar with the Tamriel layout. A new map feature includes a way to keep up-to-date on things in area according to location. While ESO does have Achievements to help remind you of your progress in ESO, a location based feature will definitely be a useful addition.

Map Guide

10. New Character Slot and Max Character Increase

Players of ESO have been wanting more space for additional characters and Zenimax has heard them. They announced that players will be granted with a new character slot and the maximum amount of characters will also be increased. No word as of yet on how many characters will be given for the new max, but the current one stands at 15 which includes crown store purchases.

What was your favorite announcement for ESO? Let us know in the comments below.

Elsweyr is the next expansion for Elder Scrolls Online which will release on June 4th for all platforms, with early access coming to PC/Mac on May 2oth. The release of the DLC dungeon pack Wrathstone will launch on the PTS servers for PC next week.

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