Epic Games To Launch Own Store with a Lower Cut than Steam

Epic Games To Launch Own Store with a Lower Cut than Steam

The game developer Epic Games known for their colossal battle royale title Fornite are now taking on the gaming platform Steam with their own store. Not only will they be offering a range of games but will be taking a lower cut than Steam.

Epic Games To Launch Own Store with a Lower Cut than Steam

Epic Games plans on opening a digital store front to rival similar platforms such as Steam. They will be launching their platform on Mac and Windows, later expanding to Android and other platforms in 2019.

The store that is set to launch in the coming weeks will feature “hand-curated set of games” and will continue to increase its portfolio of games throughout 2019. Gamers will be able to purchase games either through a browser, through their Epic Games launcher or through the dedicated app. Those who already play their massively popular title Fornite already use the launcher.

Games sold through the store will not be require to have DRM. What’s more interesting is their revenue plan, while other platforms take a 30% cut, Epic Games will only take 12%. The company explains in the blog post that “developers receive 88% of revenue”. They also mention that if developers use Unreal Engine “Epic will cover the 5% engine royalty for sales on the Epic Game store, out of Epic’s 12%”.

In an interview with Game Informer, CEO Tim Sweeney goes into more detail behind the revenue split:

The 70% / 30% split was a breakthrough more than a decade ago with the advent of Steam, the Apple App Store, and Google Play,” he said. “But today, digital software stores have grown into a $25,000,000,000+ business worldwide across all platforms, yet the economies of scale have not benefited developers. In our analysis, stores are marking up their costs 300% to 400%. We simply aim to give developers a better deal.

The platform sets to give developers more freedom allowing total control over their store pages, buyers can access newsfeeds that helps developers have contact with their core audience.

Another feature launching is the Support-A-Creator feature, an affiliate program which will help match developers with content creators such as streamers or YouTubers. These creators will be given a share of the profits which will be reflect the relationship they have with the developer.

More details about Epic Games’ store front will be shared during The Game Awards 2018 on December 6th.

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