Epic Games Store Mega Sale Launches

Epic Games Store Mega Sale Launches

Last updated on May 20th, 2019

Epic Games store drops a massive sale which gives $10 off any game worth $14.99 or more. These includes pre-purchases of upcoming titles yet to be released.

Epic Games Store Mega Sale Launches

The sale that starts May 16th will run until June 13th has been dubbed the “Epic Mega Sale” and it stands true to its name. The Epic Games Store which opened around six months ago, is offering up to 75% off titles as well as $10 off games that cost $14.99 or more. This sale causes no additional cost to the publisher or developer according to Epic.

You can even snap up games that are available for pre-purchase these include Quantic Dream’s titles that are coming to PC for the first time Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls for $4.99, and Detroit Become Human for $19.99. This also includes upcoming Borderlands 3 all editions with a $10 price cut, standard edition is now $49.99, Deluxe Edition is now $69.99 and Super Deluxe Edition is now $89.99.

[UPDATE – Title has temporarily been taken down read Borderlands 3 Pre-Order Pulled From Epic Game Store During Mega Sale]

Other notable titles include The Sinking City, a narrative driven lovecraftian detective title set to release next month, which can be grabbed for $23.99. Even the graphic noir action-strategy game John Wick Hex can be purchased for $9.89.

But if you’ve recently purchased a game that just went on sale, threat not as Epic games are willing to refund you the difference in price as long as you purchased them between May 2nd and May 15th of this year. The refund will take around 7-12 days.

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