Epic Games Store Has Gained 108 Million PC Customers and $680 Million in Revenue

Epic Games Store Has Gained 108 Million PC Customers and $680 Million in Revenue

The Epic Games Store has gained 108 million in PC customers and raked in $680 million in revenue in just over a year.

Epic Games Store Has Gained 108 Million PC Customers and $680 Million in Revenue

Epic Games well known for their Battle Royale title Fornite, started their very own games store at the end of 2018 and has since gained quite the number of PC gamers. The store’s goal was to offer developers a higher revenue percentage than others currently in the market with a 88/12 split. They also pushed for cross-platform play which came with games such as Dauntless.

But not all has been smooth sailing for Epic, as there was a lot of backlash with exclusive titles or 1 year timed exclusives such as Metro: Exodus. This didn’t sit well with many who were awaiting its launch on Steam.

However, Epic Games Store has persevered, now gathering a PC customer based of 108 million and raking in a $680 million revenue according to article by GameDaily. Epic Games Store GM Steve Allison expressed “we are ahead of our early expectations”.

108M is the total number of Epic Games accounts which have specifically obtained the PC version of at least one product, whether free or paid.

Screenshot via infographic posted on the Epic Games Store website. Epic plans to continue to give free games.

The number of customers does include those who have either downloaded a free game (which Epic offers to those have the client) or a paid game. There are a total of 300 million Epic accounts across all platforms which include console and mobile, beating what they had initially expected. Epic will also continue to offer free games, some have been rather well-known titles such as Celeste and Soma.

If you were wondering whether Epic will continue to acquire exclusives well this will continue as it helped gain them the upper hand in 2019:

Exclusives have been critical in gaining momentum in the presence of a competitor that began 2019 with more than 90% market share. Securing exclusives for Epic means we can significantly assist developers with product funding and invest in marketing and awareness knowing that these efforts bring in new customers to our store, rather than just sending more business to the incumbent.

More exclusives are on their way this year which includes such titles as Magic: The Gathering, Auto Chess, Predator Hunting Grounds and Godfall. What are your views on Epic exclusives? Let us know in comments below.

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