Epic Games Opens a New Studio in Germany

Epic Games Opens a New Studio in Germany

Epic have expanded with a newly opened studio in Germany.

Epic Games Opens a New Studio in Germany

The new studio for Epic Games is being driven by former developers of Factor 5, known for the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series and Turrican. The studio is located in Cologne, Germany which is the same areas the Gamescom 2019 will be taking place.

According to article by Gamespot, the new studio will focus on “emerging forms of interactive media and streaming technologies.” Previously Factor 5 were working on ways to deliver media for Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, as well as working as a tech partner to Nintendo and Sony.

Director of Online Technology at Epic Julian Eggebrecht shared:

At the core of Epicโ€™s success are highly-skilled and passionate individuals, Germany is a nation at the forefront of technology and we look forward to extending our local presence as we fill newly created roles and hire exceptional talent.

This is the second studio that Epic has in Germany, with the first being in Berlin which opened in 2016. Now they have 16 studios worldwide.

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