Embracer Group Acquires 12 Gaming Studios Including Phoenix Point Developer

Embracer Group Acquires 12 Gaming Studios Including Phoenix Point Developer

The Embracer Group has picked up twelve studios which include developer behind Phoenix Point Snapshot Games and more.

Embracer Group Acquires 12 Gaming Studios Including Phoenix Point Developer

The Embracer Group has snapped up a number of studios, twelve in fact which includes the developer behind the turn-based RPG Phoenix Point by the original X-Com creator, Snapshot Games. This makes 58 studios currently working under the Embracer Group, which consists of six major publishers which own a number of studios.

Developer behind Phoenix Point the turn-based strategy RPG Snapshot Games, now joins the Embracer Group

For Snapshot Studios they were acquired by Saber Interactive, who are behind titles such as World War Z, SnowRunner and more. Koch Media acquired the Flying Wild Hog development team, who are currently working on Shadow Warriors 3, which is being published by Digital Devolver in 2021.

Phoenix Point released at the end of last year, and follows the mysterious phenomena that is now threatening humans, Phoenix Point is about a sweeping virus known as the Pandoravirus in the year 2047. The mind behind the original XCOM series Julian Gollop was the veteran designer of the game. While Phoenix Point was certainly a smaller scale project compared to the XCOM series, is was step in the right direction for the studio, and it looks like they will continue to expand this universe.

We are thrilled that Snapshot is joining forces with the world-class team at Saber. Julian and I look forward to working with Andrey, Matt, and Lars to develop and expand the Phoenix Point universe, and to bring new IP to a global audience.

Davide Kaye – Co-Founder of Snapshot Games

The other studios joining the Embracer Group includes Mad Head Games, Coffee Stain North, Silent Games, Zen Studios, Thinking Ape Entertainment, Nimble Giant Entertainment, IUGO Mobile Entertainment, 34BigThing, Quantic Lab, and Purple Lamp Studios.

While this acquisition deal maybe smaller than the Microsoft’s recent move to acquire Bethesda Softworks and parent company Zenimax Media, 58 studios is quite the collection of development studios. Hopefully this means new opportunities for some great games to be produced.

In case you missed it the Phoenix Point Year One Edition will be releasing on Steam on December 3rd.

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