Elex New Gameplay Trailer Released

Elex New Gameplay Trailer Released

On the heels of last week’s Elex cinematic trailer that announced the game’s launch date for October 17th on PS4, Xbox One and PC, THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes have released a gameplay trailer for the open world RPG that blends sci-fi and fantasy together. Have a look:

They certainly know how to make a trailer with attitude. The land of Elex is a world consumed with the pursuit of a mysterious substance that arrived with a meteor which brought devastation but also the promise of magic for those that survived. The people who have survived have separated into factions all bent on controlling the new resource.

Elex is going to be in attendance at E3 next week and we’re looking forward to seeing how the game has progressed since we went hands on with its pre-alpha version during last E3.

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