Elder Scrolls Online Will Introduce A New Way to Gain Crown Crate Items in Update 30

Elder Scrolls Online Will Introduce A New Way to Gain Crown Crate Items in Update 30

Zenimax have announced Elder Scrolls Online players will have a new way to earn crown crates in Update 30 with the new Endeavors system.

Elder Scrolls Online Will Introduce A New Way to Gain Crown Crate Items in Update 30

Elder Scrolls Online Update 30 will be arriving in mid-June, which will be a free update for the ESO base game. The developers Zenimax have announced a new Endeavors system will be part of that update, which is a new way to earn Crown Crate items.

There will be daily and weekly Endeavers in which you can take part, earning yourself rewards such as Gold or Experience and a new currency called Seals of Endeavor.

How Endeavors work

  1. Log in to automatically receive your daily and weekly Endeavors.
  2. Complete the different tasks, these will include the following in-game activities:
    • Steal or pickpocket items
    • Complete quests
    • Defeat enemies using Class or Weapon abilities
    • Sell items to vendors
    • Craft different types of items
    • Defeat different types of monsters
    • Harvest resource nodes
    • And many more!

There are even more activities that can be a part of completing Endeavors and will be things that you already do regularly. There will be a cap on the number of daily and weekly Endeavors you can take part in, so be wary of how many you can take on.

The Endeavor menu will appear in the Activity Finder so you can keep track, and you don’t have to do anything to trigger them as they are all active at once. Once you complete your cap for daily/weekly, the rest of the Endeavor activities will be deactivated until the rest time.

Seals of Endeavor – Earn XP, Mounts, Cosmetics and More

Now about this new currency Seals of Endeavor. You can earn this currency depending on the day and the challenge level of the Endeavor.

What’s awesome about this currency is that you can use it to go towards any currently available Crown Crate item. This means you’re not just limited to Potions and XP scrolls, but you can earn Pets, cosmetics, or even rare Radiant Apex mounts. This is the first time players in ESO will be able to earn these Crown Crate items by doing in-game activities. Of course, any Crown Crate item earned with Seals of Endeavor cannot be converted into gems, so use them well.

There is also no cap for how many Seals you can hold, so if there isn’t anything you want currently, you can save them up until you earn enough for those rarer items. Seals of Endeavor are also account-based, not specific to individual characters.

This is a welcomed addition to ESO as previously there hasn’t been an active way to farm for Mounts or cosmetic items. Crown Crate items aren’t anything overpowering, but offer such things as potions, cosmetics, or even mounts if you’re lucky. Crown Crates also have a certain RNG to them, so even if you exchange your Crowns for them, there’s no guarantee on what you’ll get but do you get more than one item. With the new Endeavors system, while you can’t gain huge amounts of currency each day as there is a cap to the number of things you can do, it will give a way to work towards getting that mount or cosmetic you’ve been eyeing. What are your thoughts of this upcoming new system? Lets us know in the comments below.

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