Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild DLC First Look

Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild DLC First Look

Last updated on January 28th, 2016

Zenimax Online has revealed some early information on their upcoming Thieves Guild DLC for the Elder Scrolls Online. It is the first of several planned DLCs for the year on the successful PC, PS4 and Xbox One MMORPG.

The Thieves Guild of Abah’s Landing, an organization of pickpockets, burglars, robbers, and thieves, is being hunted by a mercenary guard force known as the Iron Wheel. This relentless organization will stop at nothing to see the guild brought to justice for a high-stakes heist that went horribly wrong. As their newest recruit, you’ll sneak along rooftops, steal from the shadows, and recover lost treasures to help to restore the guild’s reputation.

The DLC will be a 2 part package as is usual  for the game, featuring a DLC pack and a corresponding base game patch which will also introduce some new features. What follows are the preliminary details for both packs.

Thieves Guild DLC Game Pack Features & Content

  • Join the iconic Thieves Guild for the first time in ESO
  • Hew’s Bane, a new zone available to characters of all levels and home of Abah’s Landing, the Thieves Guild headquarters, located in the southern peninsula of Hammerfell
  • Hours of exciting new story content and quests that will take you through all your favorite areas of Tamriel
  • A challenging, new 12-player trial: Maw of Lorkhaj
  • Formidable new group bosses and delves to conquer
  • The addition of new criminal activities
  • A new passive skill line exclusive to members of the Thieves Guild
  • Unique costumes, motifs, and item sets inspired by the devious Thieves Guild

Base Game Patch Features & Content

  • A 64-bit client for PC and Mac
  • Improvements to grouping including incentives and cross-alliance grouping outside of the Grouping Tool
  • Tons of combat and gameplay balance changes
  • Scrolling combat text (SCT)
  • Improvements and updates to Cyrodiil and its campaigns
  • Access to content from other alliances in any order you choose upon reaching Veteran Rank 1
  • Prioritization of animations during combat
  • Improved facial animations for Mac
  • More yet to be revealed changes

thieves guild

There are no details yet on release date or price but we will update as soon as we know. What do you think of the new year kickoff DLC and tweaks to the base game such as combat scrolling? It’s going to be a packed year for Tamriel adventurers, so stick with us as we bring you all the latest updates and information!

**UPDATE** Zenimax has announced the release date and price on their official blog. The game launches on PC/Mac on March 7th, Xbox One on March 22nd, and PlayStation 4 on March 23rd. Price for the DLC will be 2000 Crowns in the Crown Store or free for ESO Plus members.

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7 comments on “Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild DLC First Look”

  1. Avatar XuitusTheGreat says:

    "Prioritization of animations during combat"

    sounds like an animation-cancel fix…. that’s good *single tear for wrecking blow spam cancel about to die*

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    So Cadwell’s Silver and Cadwell’s Gold will no longer be a thing. It sounds like VR1 is going to indeed be the new VR16 – it all sounds so strange!

    I would be happy to see an end to animation cancel. It’s spammy and brings about unbalanced gameplay

  3. Avatar XuitusTheGreat says:

    I have no defense to that xD it needs to go but still *single tear for wrecking blow spam*

    (I have no dps don’t judge me :c)

  4. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    So, do we assume that the guild-based skill line will lend itself to "sneak" based abilities and passives? If so, I can’t help thinking it might benefit certain classes and builds more than others. What do you think?

  5. Avatar Scarecrow says:

    I’m sure they will have it balanced out. I can’t see them adding a skill line that favours one class. It will probably be similar or an expansion to the Legerdemain skill line. So like, abilities that help you commit crime I suppose.

  6. Avatar Castielle says:

    I’m really curious how this and the Dark Brotherhood’s skill lines will be useful to Magicka based builds. I hope they manage it…or maybe I don’t…I’m Stamina so…hahahahahahaha


  7. Avatar Emergence says:

    Updated the post to reflect the newly announced date and price. The game launches on PC/Mac on March 7th, Xbox One on March 22nd, and PlayStation 4 on March 23rd. Price for the DLC will be 2000 Crowns in the Crown Store or free for ESO Plus members.

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