Elder Scrolls Online: PVP Additions Coming in Update 21

Elder Scrolls Online: PVP Additions Coming in Update 21

Update 21 is coming to Elder Scrolls Online in a few days for PC, in addition to usual bug fixes and quality of change, we also get some new features to PVP.

Elder Scrolls Online: PVP Additions Coming in Update 21

One major addition for PVP in Elder Scrolls Online will be the new Battleground map, Eld Angvar. You will team up with your friends and battle between worlds. This location be a little familiar as you will come across it if you did the Murkmire main questline. In this instance, you will be using the void’s portals to hunt other players.

Lead ESO Combat designer Brian Wheeler explains that they want to improve the way certain games lead players to stick to the edge of the map, making the middle where the action takes place:

With Eld Angvar, we wanted to disrupt certain behaviors that we’ve traditionally seen with some game types. In past Battlegrounds maps, we’ve always had the bases on the outer peripheries, but in Eld Angvar, we wanted to get away from forcing the players to run around the edges.

But it’s not as simple as just engaging in combat, certain parts of the map will be either open or closed depending on the game type. Capture the Relic, Dominoation and Chaosball will have one map design, while Crazy King and Deathmatch will use another.

The main reason we created these different versions of Eld Angvar was to reinforce the varied game modes. It’s still the same basic map, but depending on the mode, we’ve closed off some areas and even changed up where the objectives are located.

New Rewards

So what can players expect to gain for part-taking in Alliance War or Battlegrounds? A new Elinhir Area Lion pet has been added, you will need 40 Gladiator’s Proofs plus Arena Gladiators Roar in order to attain it. Players will need to complete Conquest Missions to gain these proofs and purchase War Researchers in Cyrodiil for Roar.

You can also earn yourself Weapon Outfit Styles for Pit Demon, Storm Lord and Firedrake teams by completing Battlegrounds matches. Pit Demon styles can be earned from Death Match, Storm Lord styles from Flag games and Fire Drake style from Land Grab matches. There’s a higher chance of obtaining these new rewards the better your team does.

You can still earn these new rewards by doing the previous battleground activities according to Zenimax:

Players can earn these new rewards by doing the same activities that they’re used to. These additions continue to uphold our promise to bring new rewards for all our PvP players, and we’re definitely looking to do more in the future.

Update 21 & Wrathstone DLC will arrive for PC on February 25th, as well as Playstation 4 and Xbox One on March 12th.

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