Elder Scrolls Online News to Be Announced at TGA 2019

Elder Scrolls Online News to Be Announced at TGA 2019

As we get closer to the The Game Awards 2019, we also draw closer to new announcements. A recent tweet from TGA producer Geoff Keighley says Elder Scrolls Online will be sharing some news.

Elder Scrolls Online News to Be Announced at TGA 2019

Zenimax shared this week that we will definitely be seeing a brand new cinematic trailer to complete the Season of the Dragon, a year long journey of content that’s centered around dragons, khajiit and Elsweyr. The last trailer sets to wrap up the story. But could there be more coming in the way of news?

Geoff Keighley producer and presenter of the The Game Awards recently shared on Twitter a post including a photo of a billboard in Times Square with the image of a masked figure, as well as the words “A Hero Returns”. This hooded figure looks to be the same one we saw in the last instalment trailer at E3, the necromancer Breton. But Keighley also mentions “teasing TESOnline news”, which might mean more will be unveiled.

This could mean we’ll be getting news of where we are going next with Elder Scrolls Online. Earlier this year we got the confirmation of the last expansion in the month of January 2019, which revealed Elsweyr and a year of dragon content. TGA while an award ceremony commending notable titles released that year, is also a host to announcements. It might not be too much to expect at least a hint of what’s coming next.

Remember this face? Looks like he’s back for the last Season of the Dragon trailer.

ESO news so far this year has been centered around performance improvements, with the latest being Update 24. Update 25 has already been outlined for Q4 2020, followed by Update 26 expected to be coming in Q2 2020. Update 25 sets to have patching overhauls, server optimisation and stability.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for TGA 2019 as we’re expecting plenty of reveals hopefully also including Elden Ring and more. Be sure to check out the nominees for TGA 2019 and vote for your favourite! TGA 2019 takes place

For more Elder Scrolls Online content be sure to check out the Dawn of the Dragonguard event which starts November 26th. You can also now get the Elsweyr chapters on sale with up to 67% off! For all your ESO needs be sure to visit for the Elder Scrolls Online wiki.


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