Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire Celebration Starts February 20th

Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire Celebration Starts February 20th

The Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire Celebration event starts Thursday 20th February. Earn rewards, Event Tickets and more!

Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire Celebration Starts February 20th

The next event for the Elder Scrolls Online is the Murkmire Celebration. Taking players to the marshy region, gain extra rewards, Event Tickets and more from Thursday February 20th at 10 AM EST to Tuesday March 3rd 10 AM EST.

How to Join

  1. You will need to either have an ESO Plus membership or own the Murkmire DLC game pack to participate. The DLC will be on sale during the event in the Crown Store.
  2. Enter the Murkmire zone by starting the main questline from you Collection UI or travel to the area by porting to Lilmoth.


By exploring the region of Murkmire during the celebration, you can gain a number of rewards by battling monsters and doing the daily quests.

Murkmire Strongbox

You will gain a Murkmire Strongbox by exploring and questing in the zone:

  • Defeat monsters/boss monsters
  • Loot treasure chests, Thieves Troves, Psijic portals or other types of containers
  • Harvest Crafting Resource nodes

Earn one Murkmire Strongbox per day. There is also a chance to gain additional ones as drops. They will contain Crafting Materials, Style Items, Set Items, Trinkets, Motif chapters, Wooden Grave-Stake Memento fragments and Voirplasm Pet fragments.

Bonus Rewards

Gain some additional rewards by taking part in the following:

You will need to read the poster by Lilmoth at the docks called “Death-Hunts” in order to unlock all Murkmire daily quests. You will also need complete the quest “By River and Root” from the main questline.

Event Tickets

The event also gives you another chance to earn some Event Tickets, which can go toward earning Indrik Feathers to make an Indrik Mount, berries to create an Indrik Evolution, a Voriplasm Pet fragment or Wooden Grave-Stake Memento.

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