Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind: Releases Today – Pricing, How to Access & Launch Info

Today marks the release of Morrowind, the next chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online. This DLC represents the largest landmass expansion released to date for the MMO from Zenimax Online and Bethesda and transports players back to the locations we first explored during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. We’ve put together this launch day guide to help prep you for your first steps in this new land.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Launch Day Information

Price & Versions

Unlike previous major content updates, Zenimax has chosen NOT to include Morrowind into the group of DLC that can be purchased with Crowns or accessed by ESO Plus subscribers. This controversial decision means that ALL players will have to minimally purchase the digital upgrade for 39.99 USD, with a slew of other options for those who want exclusive goodies and for new players just starting out.

  • For new players, The Standard Edition includes Morrowind and the base game and costs 60 USD.
  • New players can also pick up The Digital Collector’s Edition is 80 USD with digital pre-order bonuses.
  • Existing players can buy the Upgrade Edition for 40 USD.
  • Existing players can buy the Digital Collector’s Upgrade Edition for 60 USD for some extra bonuses
  • No longer available presently is the standard Collector’s edition which came with a statue and other physical goodies.

It’s important to note for new players that regardless, ESO is buy to play, and does not require a monthly subscription service. Players can sign up for an ESO Plus subscription that gives subscribers some monthly perks and content.


How to Access Vvardenfell (Morrowind)

Once purchased, in order to access Vvardenfell (the new zone), existing player characters will need to open their Collections tab, select Stories and then select Morrowind under the Chapters tab. From there you will be able to accept the starting quest. Once accepted speak with Captain Jenassa, located near the docks in major cities throughout Tamriel, and she will transport you to Vivec City in Vvardenfell. There are also boats located in Mournhold (Deshaan), Wayrest (Stormhaven) and Woodhearth (Greenshade) that will also take you there as well. New characters can simply play the Tutorial or skip it and will begin in Vvardenfell.

New Class – The Warden

Players will harness nature-based magic to master the powerful new character class – The Warden. The Warden is the first new class since launch of ESO, and will give players a variety of choices in how they spec it out depending on their playstyle preference. Players will be able to build a Warden that specializes in buffing your party’s defense, increasing their attributes or boosting elements like Magicka and Stamina regen in addition to summoning some impressive beasts. The Warden also introduces a new combat ally – the War Bear – a loyal beast that will ferociously fight by the Warden’s side.

PvP Battlegrounds

Zenimax’s newest addition to the PvP scene are called “Battlegrounds“. Battlegrounds are fast-paced, small-scale PVP zones designed for 3 teams of 4 players each. Alliance affiliation doesn’t matter in this new PVP mode, so feel free to play with or against your friends and foes from the Alliance War. There are 3 game modes within Battlegrounds:

  • Team Deathmatch: Get points for killing other player characters! This game mode also features Sigils of Power that spawn randomly during the match.
  • Capture the Flag: Grab the enemy relic and bring it back to yours, but your relic must be safe at home to capture an enemy’s relic.
  • Domination: Land grab at its purest.  There are four capture points to battle over to earn points.

These three game types are also played on one of 3 new maps:

  • Foyada Quarry: Solid ground and lava pools play a key role in this open field battleground.
  • Ald Carac: An ancient Dwemer site recently excavated which offers close quarter battles and tight spaces.
  • Ularra: This overgrown Daedric site still resonates with ancient portals.

Battleground matches last a maximum of 15 minutes, but can end early if the maximum score is reached. Game modes currently have a maximum score of 500 points. When a Battleground ends, you’ll earn rewards based on whether your team came in first, second or third. Rewards include items, gold, XP and Alliance Points.

During a Battleground, you’ll earn Medals which are granted based on your actions to progress your team towards victory specific to each game mode. Medals influence the quality of a reward you’ll receive at the end of a match. Medals have a score associated with them which are added onto one of three weekly Leaderboards. At the end of the week, players on the Leaderboard will be awarded items based on their rank on the Leaderboards.

Leaving a Battleground before the match is over will incur a penalty which is currently set to block you from queueing for another Battleground for 20 minutes, as well as suppress any AP-earning events.  All Battlegrounds currently disable bonuses from Champion Points, so it will be roughly the same as playing in the Azura’s Star campaign. You can pick up daily quests for Battlegrounds in one of three locations from a Battlemaster: in the Gladiator’s Quarters near Vivec City, or at the entrance for each Battleground.

New Trial – Halls of Fabrication

Halls of Fabrication is a 12-player Trial located in Morrowind, and features a Normal version in addition to a challenging Veteran version! To enter Halls of Fabrication, you have two options: a) Travel to the tower of Tel Fyr, located in eastern Morrowind or b) Speak with Daynillo Rethul, located in Vivec City on the docks, to receive the quest To Tel Fyr which will take you to the entrance. There are unique item sets available only within Halls of Fabrication which grant unique, group-based PvE bonuses. Unique achievement awards are available for completing the Trial achievements. These include a unique skin, several titles, and unique housing items.

New Item Sets

Inside the Morrowind update comes 15 new item Sets. 3 of these Sets are crafted in Vvardenfell, 3 are dropped Sets from delves and world bosses in Vvardenfell, 4 are dropped in the new Trial Halls of Fabrication, and 5 are rewards from the new PvP Battlegrounds. Many of these new sets are viable and encourage a bit of an “out of the box” approach to how you would normally play. I fully expect the new Assassin’s Guile set to further exacerbate the problem that is poisons in PvP by lengthening their duration by an additional 4 seconds and I expect some of the Battleground Sets to encourage small group play bolstered by passives that complement one another.

Miscellaneous (Homes, Motifs and Furniture)

Zenimax has also added 4 new Styles to the game that can be learned by finding and using the corresponding Motif chapters: AshlanderBuoyant ArmigerMorag Tong and Militant Ordinator. Details on how these can be obtained can be found on the Wiki. They have also added 3 new homes: Saint Delyn Penthouse, Ald Velothi Harbor House and Amaya Lake Lodge, which can all be purchased and decked out with furniture. Furniture will now also come in a few other themes such as Daedric or Dwemer, so that players may further customize the setting of their homes.

Launch Day Resources

To help you navigate all of the new content we have the wiki primed with everything you need on everything from the new sets to breaking down all of the changes with the accompanying base game patch. Check out our Morrowind patch explained video to give you the head start you need to get going right away:

Excited for the new content? There is a ton to play through in Morrowind that should keep both new and existing players plenty to keep them occupied until the next major update and beyond. Be sure to keep the wiki handy for everything you need, and hop in our Discord to chat and link up with fellow players.

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