Elder Scrolls Online Jewelry Crafting Preview

Elder Scrolls Online Jewelry Crafting Preview

Jewelry Crafting is coming with the arrival of the Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Chapter on June 5th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and for early access on May 21 for PC/Mac. Let’s have a more in-depth look at how Jewelry Crafting will be accessible, materials and traits needed in order for this skill to be mastered.

Elder Scrolls Online Jewelry Crafting

Not too dissimilar to the other Crafting Skill Lines in The Elder Scrolls Online, Jewelry crafting marks to be the latest addition but with some in-depth differences. The way players will need to gain such materials and research Traits, will be more complex meaning a real need to focus on mastering your craft.

“With Jewelry Crafting, the goal is to give players more freedom in how they build their characters. We have a lot of unique builds in our game, and this gives players even more freedom to play with those builds and really dial them into a particular playstyle.”

Rich Lambert – The Elder Scrolls Online’s Creative Director

How to Access Jewelry Crafting

So you’re ready to get crafty but in order to even begin your Jewelry Crafting adventure in ESO, you will need to purchase the expansion, Summerset Chapter. This will give you access to the crafting table needed to start making those precious rings and necklace upgrades. The table can be bought from the Master Writ Merchants and then placed in your home.

Without the Summerset expansion you can still gather Jewelry Crafting resource nodes or obtain items with Jewerly Crafting traits however, you won’t be able to make use of them without the expansion. Items and materials farmed can be put on the guild stores or given to your trusty guildmates or friends to let them craft with, so even if you can’t use them directly you can find another use.

Jewelry Crafting Stations Locations

In the world of ESO: Summerset you will be able to find Jewelry Crafting Stations near other Crafting Stations set up already in Tamriel which are located already in cities/crafted set areas.

Creating necklaces and rings for all the game’s crafted sets will be at your disposal, these include Julianos or Hunding’s Rage. It’s good to note that just like other Crafting Skill Lines, set items will need knowledge of a certain amount of Traits in order to be unlocked. A good example of this is is the Hunding’s Rage set, you will need six or more Traits researched first for the rings.

Here are some of the things you can do at a Jewelry Crafting Station:

  • Create new jewelry – using base and Trait materials you can create new jewelry.
  • Refine Jewelry Crafting materials – create refined base, Trait and upgraded materials from raw components.
  • Deconstruct jewelry – take it apart and find another use of it’s component materials. This will only be available after the release of the Summerset chapter, to check it the item can be deconstructed check the tooltip.
  • Upgrade jewelry – create more powerful items by upgrading it with materials.
  • Research Jewelry Traits – researching traits will allow you to gain access to craft items with certain Traits.

Note: You won’t be able to deconstruct jewelry that you acquired before the release of ESO: Summerset.

Jewelry Crafting Base Materials

If you want to create your own jewelry you will need to farm unique Jewelry Crafting nodes, these are called “Seams” and will be collected along with unrefined materials called “Dust”. Seams and Dust then can be refined into “Ounces” that used in your crafting. You will need to head to rocky outcroppings, cliff faces and rocky areas to find Seams, these locations are all over Tamriel rather than found in a specific area. Dust can be obtained by anyone even if they don’t own ESO: Summerset, however they cannot refine the material into Ounces at the crafting stations without own Summerset.

There are different types of dust depending on your Engraver passive level:

  • Levels 1-25: Pewter
  • Levels 26- 50: Copper
  • Champion Level 10-60: Silver
  • Champion Level 70 – 140: Electrum
  • Champion Level 150-160: Platinum

Jewelry Crafting Traits

Another use for Jewelry Crafting Traits is adding bonuses to your items. ESO already has Arcane, Healthy, and Robust Traits, but ESO: Summerset will add six new traits to go with them.

Acquiring these traits are a little more complicated than usual Crafting Skill Lines as they need specific sources that are suited to them (similar to how Nirnhoned Traits for weapons are bound with Craglorn).

Here’s a quick rundown of the Traits and how to gain it and it’s component materials:


Trait effect: +Max Magicka

Researchable Item: Can be found randomly all over Tamriel

Trait Material: Cobalt. Acquired by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials.


Trait effect: +Max Health

Researchable Item: Can be found randomly all over Tamriel

Trait Material: Antimony. Acquired by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials.


Trait effect: +Max Stamina

Researchable Item: Can be found randomly all over Tamriel

Trait Material: Zinc. Acquired either by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials.


Trait effect: +Physical and Spell Resistance

Researchable Item: Necklaces/rings have a race chance to be found within Undaunted chests.

Trait Material: Titanium. Acquired commonly in raw form/rarely in refined form from daily dungeon rewards. Requires 10 pieces in raw form to be refined.


Trait effect: +Health, Magicka, Stamina

Researchable Item: Researchable ring awarded at the end of the Summerset main quest line/researchable necklace awarded at the end of the Psijic Order quest line.

Trait Material: Dawn-Prism. Acquired from Jewelry Crafting Nodes all over Tamriel/Summerset (high chance). Requires 10 pieces in raw form to be pulverized.


Trait effect: +Enchantment Effectiveness

Researchable Item: Necklaces/rings can be found in random drops from Psijic portals all over Tamriel.

Trait Material: Aurbic Amber. Raw from acquired from Psiji Portalts/refined form (race chance). Requires Psijic Order Skill Line and 10 raw pieces to be pulverized.


Trait effect: +Movement Speed

Researchable Item: Necklaces/rings can be found with Swift Trait/rare chance to be awarded with completion of weekly Trial quests (only after Summerset expansion release).

Trait Material: Gilding Wax. Availabe for purchase from Master Writ Merchants, requires Writ Vouchers.


Trait effect: +Synergy Effectiveness

Researchable Item: Necklaces/rings can be found with Harmony Trait/rare chance to be awarded with completion of weekly Trial quests (only after Summerset expansion release).

Trait Material: Dibellium. Available for purchase from Master Writ Merchants, requires Writ Vouchers.


Trait effect: +Damage against low-health enemies

Researchable Item: Necklaces/rings can be found with Bloodthirsty Trait have a chance to be awarded with completion of new Cyrodiil daily board questions (non-repeatable questions only).

Trait Material: Slaughter Stone. Acquired in refined form from War Researcher vendor Cyrodiil in exchange for Alliance Points.

Jewelry Crafting Upgrade Materials

Upgrading rings and necklaces require a crafting station whether these items are crafted or farmed and have specific materials:

Fine Quality (Green) – Terne

Superior Quality (Blue) – Iridium

Epic Quality (Purple) – Zircon

Legendary Quality (Gold) – Chromium

As mentioned before, upgrade materials are acquired by refining Dust into Ounces, but you also have the chance to gain Grains. Refining 10 of these Grains will make a Bar and Bars can be used to upgrade jewelry items at the Jewelry Crafting Station. Grains can also be gained by deconstruction of your jewelry but have to be of the same quality.

It sounds like being able to collect most of the resources will be time consuming in order to upgrade Jewelry Crafting Skill Lines but this means high-quality jewelry will be rare and precious meaning a well worth resource to have.

Jewelry Crafting Skill Line

As with any Crafting Skill Line, Jewelry Crafting comes with it’s own set of Passive Abilities that are obtainable with Skill Points as you learn to master your craft.

Here are a list of Passive Abilities that accompany Jewelry Crafting:

Passive Abilities

  • Engraver – Specifies the level range of your crafting jewelry ability.
  • Keen Eye: Jewelry – Highlights Seams in ESO.
  • Jewelry Extraction – Improves your chances of receiving certain materials when you deconstruct jewelry.
  • Lapidary Research – Helps reduce the time is takes for researching Jewelry Crafting Trait.
  • Platings Expertise – Reduces the number Bars you will need to upgrade rings and necklaces.

Note: Each Passive Ability can be upgraded more than once and you cannot research more than one trait at a time.

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