Elder Scrolls Online Horns of the Reach DLC Overview: Dungeons, Sets, PvP, Update & PTS Info

Elder Scrolls Online Horns of the Reach DLC Overview: Dungeons, Sets, PvP, Update & PTS Info

The next DLC pack for the Elder Scrolls Online is titled Horns Reach and will be available this August for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Zenimax Online has laid out what’s inside the DLC, so let’s take a closer look at all the new content you’ll be able to play later next month.

The Elder Scrolls Online Horns of the Reach Info

Horns of the Reach will contain the following:

  • 2 New Dungeons: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold
  • Base Game Update with quality of life improvements
  • The update will also include a new Battlegrounds map and game type

Horns of the Reach New Dungeons: Bloodroot Forge & Falkreath Hold

Bloodroot Forge is an ancient, lost forge that was recently rediscovered. Rumored to have been created by a Daedric prince, it can create powerful weapons. This dungeon will have you making your way through heavy vegetation and lava-filled areas as you make a move to stop some nefarious plotting.

The second dungeon is Falkreath Hold and features a township under siege that will fall to a marauding horde. You and your friends will have to break the siege and defeat the horde’s warlord within the heart of the town.

The dungeons will feature new monsters and bosses and will be available in normal and veteran modes, as well as veteran hard mode for the final boss. There will be new item sets, monster sets and achievements to earn, as expected.

Horns of the Reach New Battlegrounds Map & Game Mode

The accompanying Update 15 will bring some new Battlegrounds content, which is the fast paced 4v4v4 PvP mode that lets you launch into some quick competitive action. The new map is called Arcane University and will be set in the Imperial City (don’t need to own the Imperial City DLC to play). It features a lot of indoor fighting, platforms and teleporters to keep you on your toes.

There is a new Battlegrounds game type called Chaosball where you will capture and hold onto the ball for as long as you can. The longer you hold onto the ball, the more points you earn. While holding it, it will apply a healing and armor debuff and gradually deal damage to you and your team. Sounds like crazy fun. This game type will only by available to those who own Morrowind.

Elder Scrolls Online Update 15

The accompanying Update 15 will features some QoL improvements such as the following highlights:

  • The ability to cancel a research project mid-way
  • Guild Invite History
  • Currency update that lets you deposit Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers into your bank
  • Customizable combat cues for ability and attack telegraphs to better indentify attacks in the game
  • New homes and furnishings
  • Bug fixes and balance changes

Horns of the Reach will be making its way to the Public Test Server today, July 10th on PC/Mac and you can view the full patch notes on our wiki. When the pack releases in August it will be available in the Crown Store for purchase or as a part of the ESO Plus membership of which they just wrapped up a free weekend.

Thoughts on the new DLC pack? It comes only a couple of months after Morrowind and continues the nicely paced steady stream of new content for the MMO. Be sure to keep checking back with us for much more.

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