Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Prologue and Free Play Event

Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Prologue and Free Play Event

Zenimax have announced Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to get a peek at the upcoming Greymoor expansion by checking out the prologue quest, plus announces free play event.

Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Prologue and Free Play Event

Can’t wait until the next expansion for Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor drops? Neither can we! So here’s some good news for ESO players, the free Greymoor Prologue quest will be available on March 30th at 10:00 AM ET. This will give all who take part, a quick taste of what’s to come in the Greymoor chapter.

Greymoor Prologue Quest

The quest will take players to the depths of Blackreach, to come face to face with the notorious Icereach Coven, progressing the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline. You will also be able to claim new collectible rewards, once the quest is open use the free Quest Starter called Prologue Quest: The Coven Conspiracy in the Crown Store. Travel to the Fighter’s Guild in Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard (depending on your Alliance) and talk to Lyris Titanborn to accept the first of two quests named “The Coven Conspiracy”.

Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event

Been wanting to dive into ESO but never played before? Now you can, try out ESO during the Free Play Event which starts Wednesday 1st April at 10:00 AM EDT, ending on Monday 13th April.

Anyone who picks up ESO during this time will be able to check out the Greymoor Prologue quest for free. During this period, anyone on PC/Mac through the ESO Launcher, Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold required), and PlayStation 4 can download and play Base Game free and experience a world of adventure. For those wanting to play on Steam, the Free Play Event takes place from April 1st to April 6th.

The event will allow players access to the base game, which has a range of four classes to try, 23 zones to explore and the main storyline which is an awesome adventure with some memorable characters. If you choose to continue your ESO journey past the Free Play event, be sure to check out the April Sale which offers some great discounts:

  • ESO Base Game up to 60% off
  • Elsweyr Chapter up to 70% off
  • Crown Packs up to 40% off

You can also take part in the 6 Year Anniversary Jubilee Event, celebrating a glorious 6 years of ESO. You also get bonus XP and special rewards, from April 2nd to 14th.

If you’re venturing into ESO for the first time and wondering where to start, we’ve got a great Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide. For everything else be sure to stop by the Elder Scrolls Online wiki for all the latest info.

If you want to know more about about upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor be sure to check out our preview, which talks about the additions that will be coming with the expansion.

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