Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event Starts Now Until December 9th

Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event Starts Now Until December 9th

Jump into the Elder Scrolls Online with the free play event which is now on until December 9th.

Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event Starts Now Until December 9th

If you’re been waiting to check out the Elder Scrolls Online but were on the fence, now’s the time to start your adventure. From now until December 9th at 10 AM EST, you can try out the MMORPG on PC/Mac, Stadia, Xbox and Playstation. During this time you can download and play the base game for free.

Try Elder Scrolls Online for free until December 9th!

Free to Play Until December 9th

The event will allow players access to the base game, which has a range of four classes to try, 24 zones to explore and the main storyline which is an awesome adventure with some memorable characters.

If you’re a new player you will gain 500 crowns for free to spend in the in-game Crown Store. If you’re participated in previous free play events you can continue your journey where you left off. You will also get a chance to experience the Dark Heart of Skyrim, this year’s major questline, with the prologue quest which starts off the Greymoor questline.

If you’re new to Elder Scrolls Online, while the game is based on the Elder Scrolls series, it follows its own path by being set around 1000 years before the ES5. Set in an MMORPG world, you can dive into dungeons with friends, check out open world PVP in Cyrodiil and even take on the challenges of single player areas. The class system is pretty flexible, so you can play your character how you wish too.

ESO Sale – Up to 60% Off

If you choose to continue your ESO journey past the Free Play event grab the Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition with up to 60% off, and continue your progress from where you left off in the free trial. This is pretty decent as the base game offers hours and hours of content. You can even start of in Morrowind, which may be quite nostalgic for Elder Scrolls fans.

The sale is dependent on platform which you can find the details below:

  • PC/Mac—December 9
  • Stadia—December 10
  • Xbox—December 9
  • PlayStation—December 22

If you’re venturing into ESO for the first time and wondering where to start, we’ve got a great Elder Scrolls Online Beginners Guide. For everything else be sure to stop by the Elder Scrolls Online wiki for all the latest info.

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