Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Early Access Launches with Trailer Featuring Dragon Rage

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Early Access Launches with Trailer Featuring Dragon Rage

Today Elder Scrolls Online newest expansion Elsweyr has gone live on PC Early Access, a new trailer has been released featuring the fury of the dragons that now inhabit Tamriel.

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Trailer Features Dragon Rage

In the latest trailer we get a closer look at the feisty new fire breathing foes that are now terrorising the land of the Khajiit, Elsweyr. This chapter brings a new main storyline, a challenging 12 player Trial called Sunspire and overland Dragon Hunt events. The trailer ends in a blaze after the dragon bellows a “Fus-Ro-Dah”.

This latest chapter introduces dragons back into Tamriel, awoken by Abnur Tharn‘s doing as well as queen Euraxia. The dragons will bring a new threat to the home of the Khajiit. Discover the ancestral birthplace of the Khajiit, their ways, their culture and their history. Help them defend their land against the merciless attack of the dragon!

You can watch the trailer below:

If you’re eager to play the latest expansion you can now access Elsweyr on PC. Those on Playstation 4 and Xbox One will be able to play on June 4th. For all the major additions coming to ESO with the latest expansion read our Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr: 6 Biggest Changes.

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