Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold & Update 24 Preview

Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold & Update 24 Preview

Last updated on September 16th, 2019

Zenimax have announced some details about the Elder Scrolls Online Update 24, Dragonhold. This is the last and final instalment of The Season of the Dragon.

Elder Scrolls Online Dragonhold & Update 24 Preview

The Dragonhold DLC will be arriving alongside Update 24, as The Season of the Dragon gets its finale, there are also some new additions coming. The Elder Scrolls Online DLC introduces a new zone to explore, new main questlines, new mechanics and some more challenges to best.

Update 24 is a free game update and it is part one of the previously announced performance improvements. This also introduces something long awaited for console players…Twitch Drops! But the update also includes fixes and balance changes.

Pellitine – A Ruined Land

A new zone will be available for players to explore, this time its the Khajiiti kingdom of Pellitine, set in the southern area of Elsweyr. But events haven’t been kind to Pellitine as it lays in ruins after being ravaged by a terrible plague as well as purging fires some time ago. This region is lawless with many slavers, pirates and brigands to encounter. But there are a few who will not stand for the ensuing chaos, and will fight to defend its capital of Senchal.

If you think the ravaged lands were the worse thing well…think again as that isn’t quite their biggest problem as Dragons who are now free from the Halls of Colossus are also found in this region. They have the cult, the Order of the New Moon behind them, which is causing havoc under secret plans.

The Southern Region of Elsweyr brings three different biomes, the scorched wilds, old-growth forests and tropical grasslands. These come with new delves, worlds bosses, quests and new Dragon hunts.

With great risk comes great rewards, this DLC packs a ton including new titles, if you ever wanted to claim the title “Pirate” arrghh matey now you can. There are also new collectibles, item sets and more.

The Season of the Dragon – Finale

The Season of the Dragon started with the Wrathstone DLC, and each DLC/update this year was been apart of this saga. It now comes to a conclusion with Dragonhold. You will have your usual main-story quests but the adventure doesn’t stop there as there are bonus quests to put a stop to the Dragon Kaalgrontiid and his schemes.


In order to unlock the Season of the Dragon finale quests, you will need to complete both Elsweyr and Dragonhold main questlines. Completing the Dungeon DLCs stories are optional, but will give you a more rounded story.

Update 24 Improvements

The new patch will be coming, a free update for all and will feature some performance improvements. Zenimax have previously announced they are looking make some changes in terms of performance, and this update comes with a memory management overhaul. It also changes the Looking for Group system, which will undergo a redesign.

What these changes will achieve will include a reduced amount of crashes/dashboarding, improved combat response as well as a quicker and more reliable Group Finder. This is great news as these are some of the long-awaited improvements we’ve been wanting to see, and its great to see these rolling out soon.

Let there be Console Drops on Twitch

Another great announcement is the news that those on console will now be able to get Twitch Drops, previously only PC players were able to gain drops from watching ESO streams (including ours – twitch.tv/Fextralife). Both Playstation 4 and Xbox One players will be able to gain drops from watching streams that offer this. But this may not roll out with the exact time that Update 24 is released, but Zenimax will give further updates on this.

So that wraps up The Season of the Dragon, if you’re eager to see some of the additions, you can access the Public Test Server come Monday 16th September. Be sure to drop by our Elder Scrolls Online wiki for all the latest info.

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