Elder Scrolls Online Bounties of Blackwood Event Starts September 30th

Elder Scrolls Online Bounties of Blackwood Event Starts September 30th

Last updated on October 4th, 2021

Zenimax has announced the details for the next The Elder Scrolls Online in-game event the Bounties of Blackwood starts this September 30th.

Elder Scrolls Online Bounties of Blackwood Event Starts September 30th

The Bounties of Blackwood in-game event will start September 30th at 10:00AM EDT, and will run until October 12th at 10:00 AM EDT. During the event you and other Elder Scrolls Online players can work together to unlock rewards, resulting in earning the Blackwood Pathfinder achievement.

Like in the past events, the pathfinder achievement involves visiting six unique locales in the Blackwood zone and everyday a Bounties of Blackwood meter will show the progress of the community. Once it reaches 100% or the event ends, unlocked rewards will be released to the Crown Store (in a single bundle) for ALL Blackwood owners to claim. Taking part of course will help get the rewards quicker which include:

  • The Pellucid Swamp Jelly pet, unlocked at 33%
  • The Shadows of Blackwood markings, unlocked at 66%
  •  A cascading bounty box, unlocked at 100%
    • With a chance to include items such as Undaunted Plunder, rare materials, or item sets, and guaranteed to include attunable crafting stations and a unique Ogrim target dummy
  • Plus an incredible Mystery Prize we’ll reveal during the Gates of Oblivion Year-End Stream, also unlocked at 100% (UPDATE – The Deadlands DLC for those who own the latest chapter)

The first update for the meter will take place on September 30th which includes everyone who has already completed the Blackwood Pathfinder achievement. If you’ve already completed the achievement, don’t worry as your achievement will also be counted. This time the progress will count for each character you have earned the achievement on.

Blackwood Celebration

Players can also earn bonus awards during the event while adventuring in the Blackwood zone. Simply pick up the Bounties of Blackwood intro quest from the in-game Crown Store or from the Impresario tent.

Blackwood Legates’ Coffers

During the event period, the first time you complete a daily quest in Blackwood (or the Rockgrove Trial weekly quest instead) you receive a Glorious Blackwood Legates’ Coffer. This new reward box has a chance to contain some of the following items:


  • Crafting materials
  • Valuables you can trade to merchants for gold
  • Style items for Blackwood motifs
  • Blackwood gear items
  • Treasure maps or Survey reports
  • Blackwood motif chapters
  • A fragment of the Voriplasm pet
    • Combine seven fragments to summon your own Voriplasm pet!
  • Blackwood-themed furnishings and furnishing recipes
  • If you have Bastian or Mirri active, a piece of Companion gear

If you continue to complete daily quests after the first, you can earn regular Blackwood Legates’ Coffers, which have a lower chance to contain the rarer rewards. You can also find regular Blackwood Legates’ Coffers in the following ways:

  • As drops from Delve and World Bosses
  • Earned when completing Oblivion Portals
  • As drops from Blackwood monsters
  • Found in treasure chests, safeboxes, thieves troves, Psijic Portals, or other containers
  • Found when harvesting crafting resource nodes

Additional Rewards

In addition to the above, all Blackwood daily quests and the weekly Rockgrove Trial quest have their regular reward boxes doubled, harvest note yields are increased, and World, Public Dungeon, Trial, and Delve bosses drop additional rewards. That’s a ton of great reasons to quest, explore, and battle in Blackwood!

Impresario & Event Tickets

This will also be another chance to earn some event tickets. You can earn two Event Tickets per day for the first time you complete a Blackwood daily, with up 26 tickets over the entire event. Event Ticket timer will reset at 2:00 AM EDT each morning, and make sure to not earn new Event Tickets over the 12-limit cap as you’ll lose them. This will be the first and only opportunity to acquire all the fragments needed to upgrade your Unstable Morpholith into the new Dagonic Quasigriff mount.

Here’s what the Impresario event merchant will have in stock during the event:

  • Unstable Morpholith base fragments
    • Including the Deadlands Flint, Rune-Etched Striker, and Smoldering Bloodgrass Tinder
  • All three fragments for the Dagonic Quasigriff (to upgrade your Unstable Morpholith with)
    • The Smoke-Wreathed Gryphon Feather, Black Iron Bit and Bridle, and the new Black Iron Stirrups
  • Voriplasm pet fragments
  • Assorted Blackwood-themed furnishings
  • Group Repair Kits

Dagonic Quasigriff Mount

The Bounties of Blackwood in-game event begins this Thursday, September 30 at 10:00AM EDT, and runs until Tuesday, October 12 at 10:00AM EDT. Be sure to drop by our Elder Scrolls Online wiki for all the latest.

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