Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood and Base Game on Consoles Now on Sale

Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood and Base Game on Consoles Now on Sale

Zenimax have announced they are celebrating Black Friday or rather Black Fedas 2021 with a sale on Xbox, Playstation and Stadia.

Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood and Base Game on Consoles Now on Sale

The Black Friday sale is now on and players can pick up The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood expansion for 67% off as low as $13.99 USD and The Elder Scrolls Online Standard Edition for 70% off, meaning it’s only $5.99 for the base game. An all-new Crown Store bundle is also on sale.

The sale is available on Xbox consoles (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One), Playstation consoles (Playstation 4, Playstation 5) and Stadia. You get any edition of the Blackwood Chapter on sale which includes Collection,Ā CollectionĀ CE,Ā Upgrade,Ā Collectorā€™s Edition Upgrade.

Which Version to Buy

If you’re wondering which version to pick, it will depend on if you’re a new player picking up the game for the first time, or an existing player:

New Players

The Blackwood Collection (also applies to the Collectorā€™sĀ Edition) includes the Blackwood chapter which is the latest expansion, the base game and all previous ESO Chapters, which is a perfect fit for new players who want all the past content.

Existing/Returning Players

If you are an existing or returning player you can purchase the Blackwood Upgrade (or theĀ Collectorā€™sĀ EditionĀ Upgrade) to gain instant access to the new zone, new companions system and much more. If you looking to have all previous content you can pick up the monthly subscription ESO Plus which comes with DLC content, previous chapters (that get turned in DLCs once a new chapter comes out) as well as benefits such as Crafting Bag, double bank space, Crowns each month, increased leveling EXP and more.

Sale Dates

You can check out the sale dates below depending on your platform:


  • Standard Editionā€”November 18-December 1
  • Blackwoodā€”November 18-December 1


  • Standard Editionā€”November 18-28
  • Blackwoodā€”November 18-28

PlayStation Europe

  • Standard Editionā€”November 18-27
  • Blackwoodā€”November 18-27

PlayStation Asia

  • Standard Editionā€”November 18-28
  • Blackwoodā€”November 18-28


  • Standard Editionā€”November 18-December 1
  • Blackwoodā€”November 18-December 1

Black Fredas Bundle 2021

Players can also grab a new limited-time bundle that includes Chalkhide Kagouti mount, 10 Experience Scrolls, 10 Riding Speed Lessons, 10 Riding Capacity Lessons, 10 Fortifying Meals, 10 Soul Gems, and 50 Tri-Restoration Potions. The bundle is on sale from Thursday, November 24 at 10AM EST, until Monday, November 29 at 10AM EST.

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