Elder Scrolls Online: Bethesda Showcase Updates
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Elder Scrolls Online: Bethesda Showcase Updates

Not content to sit on their laurels and bask in the recent successes of the Elder Scrolls Online, at today’s E3 Showcase for Bethesda, it was revealed that the acclaimed MMO would be receiving several new updates.

eso year ahead

The first of these is the unprecedented One Tamriel which now changes the world so that players are not restricted by level, quests, or alliances when it comes to exploring all the different locations in the world.  Now, all a player has to do is complete the tutorial and head in any direction their questing heart desires!

Also announced was a console release date of June 14 for The Dark Brotherhood, the most recent expansion to the MMO which went live for PC players last week. Check out our changes article to get a detailed rundown of everything the expansion is bringing to the table.

dark brotherhood 9

Lastly, the game will be making its way to Japan on June 23, opening the deep and engaging game to another world that is always highly receptive to immersive MMO experiences.

ESO is on fire lately and shows no signs of letting up. Players who have stuck with it from release are really starting to see the game’s core vision come to fruition and millions of others are starting to agree! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments and hold on for the E3 ride all week!

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