The Elder Scrolls Legends Now Live on Android and Apple Mobile

The Elder Scrolls Legends Now Live on Android and Apple Mobile

Well Bethesda and Dire Wolf Digital promised it and today they delivered as The Elder Scrolls Legends is now available on mobile platforms. You can head over to the Google Play or Apple Appstore today and download the strategy card game based off The Elder Scrolls series of games.

The Elder Scrolls Legends Now Available on Mobile

The free to play card game that merges conventions from Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone while adding its own twists has been humming along on PC for a bit now, with a steady following. It recently just saw the release of a major expansion called Heroes of Skyrim that brings in some iconic characters and flavor from Skyrim.

In conjunction with the release they’ve also updated the game with a new patch and you can read the full notesย here.

Now’s the time to get in and give yourself something to do while you’re waiting in line at the bank! Check out our collection of Elder Scrolls Legends Deck Guides to help get you started in your journey of conquest.

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