Elden Ring Stats Reveal How Many Times Players Attempted Malenia
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Elden Ring Stats Reveal How Many Times Players Attempted Malenia

Bandai Namco has unveiled just how many times players have fallen to great foes in Elden Ring and the numbers are monstrous.

Elden Ring Stats Reveal How Many Times Players Attempted Malenia

If you ever wondered just how many times players have attempted bosses such as Margit The Fell Omen or Starscourge Radahn, Bandai Namco has now enlightened us. Releasing some major stats when it comes to how players have died and more importantly who they have attempted to vanquish.

Top 5 Elden Ring Bosses to Not Mess Around and Find Out With

Coming in at 5th place is Starscourge Radahn gaining 139 million attempts, this is not too far from the 4th place boss being Radagon of the Golden Order with 148 million. Quite understandably players have been decimated by the mounted Limgrave Tree Sentinel who may catch you off guard, sitting upon horseback in third place with 277 million.

Malenia reigns supreme with 329 million attempts for top Elden Ring bosses.

Second place is taken by the first boss of the game Margit the Fell Omen with 281 million victories against players. But taking the prime spot on the list is none other than Malenia, Blade of Miquella, her sweeping moves have stolen 329 million wins against the tarnished. Out of the staggering 5.9 billion attempts players have made since the launch of the game.

How Did the Tarnish Die?

Naturally, you’re probably wondering just how many deaths were caused by simply falling. Or how many players have died at hands of another player in PvP? Well, only 2% of deaths have been PvP related, while gravity has taken 14% of the tarnishes’ demise. The second highest death rate is due to status effects such as Scarlet Rot, Madness or even Death Blight. But the number one major killer still remains with Enemies and NPCs, standing at 69%.

Players died more to enemies than they did to status effects or gravity.

One Spell to Rule Them All

As for Spellcasting, the most popular spell cast in Elden Ring is Rock Sling. This is followed by Crystal Torrent and Glinstone Pebble. The least favourable out of the top five the being Greatblade Phalanx and Rotten Breath.

Players have been summoning help left and right. While the most favourite spell cast is the Rock Sling.

Incantations have the Blessing of the Erdtree gaining the top spot. This is followed by Bestial Sling and the Golden Vow.

In terms of summons, out of 1 billion summons, 88% were co-op while the other 12% were for invasions. It seems players answered the call to help more than they invaded.

It will be interesting if the stats will change further when the Expansion Shadow of the Erdtree is released whenever that might be. Did you find any of the stats surprising? Let us know in the comments.

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