Elden Ring Receives Provisional Rating

Elden Ring Receives Provisional Rating

Last updated on February 26th, 2021

Elden Ring has received a provisional PEGI rating which could mean news might be coming soon.

Elden Ring Receives Provisional Rating

Apart from the occasional rumours and speculation, Elden Ring has received little news since the game was announced at E3 2019. Both FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have been rather quiet about the game, even two months into 2021. However, there is one new interesting detail that has emerged for Elden Ring, a PEGI rating.

Elden Ring provisional rating now being shown on the official Bandai Namco website.

The PEGI rating which is the European equivalent of ESRB, rates the game for age suitability. Elden Ring has been given a provisional rating of 16, meaning the content within the game is suitable for that age and above.

So why is this news important you ask? While this doesn’t give certainty, what this could mean is that Elden Ring is ready to be submitted for rating. At the moment a provisional rating doesn’t mean PEGI has officially rated the game hence the provisional but has been given this rating tentatively, as it will need to be rated once again when the game is submitted.

A provisional rating could indicate that Elden Ring will be submitted soon for an official PEGI rating. Meaning a release of Elden Ring might be a lot closer than we think. A rating usually comes quite close to the end of development, which gives us hope that this could be the case.

Elden Ring has little known about it at this point, but for what has been confirmed you can check out our Everything We Know About Elden Ring: Release Date, Action RPG, Souls-Like, Open World. Curious about possible classes, races and stats theory for Elden Ring? Check out our video.

For a quick roundup of what we do know can find it below:

  • Elden Ring has been in production since the end of the Dark Souls III DLC.
    This is in contrast to Sekiro, that begun production in 2015 after Bloodborne.
  • Elden Ring will release on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4
  • Bandai Namco is publishing and has registered the Elden Ring IP
  • Elden Ring Release Date – From our observations. The release window for this game is unlikely to match FromSoftware’s traditional March-April, and is more likely to fall into Dark Souls’ September-October release.
  • “Elden Ring is a third-person action RPG with a fantasy setting… gameplay is not so far from Dark Souls… Elden Ring belongs to the same genre.”
  • Plethora of weapons, magic and builds, and a focus on RPG elements. FromSoftware expects equipment variety to be larger than Souls in this regard.
  • No main fixed protagonist, players create the characteristics and personality of their character. This leads us to believe Character Creation is a given.
  • The World of Elden Ring is vast and interconnected. No longer a continuity of “levels”, players see vast landscapes in between the “dungeon-esque” areas.
  • The larger world scale allows for freedom, promotes exploration, and introduces new and exciting mechanics, such as Horse Riding and Mounted Combat.
  • Elden Ring is a “natural evolution of Dark Souls.” New mechanics needed by this larger world. Expect FromSoftware’s trademark challenging boss battles.
  • Towns won’t be full of villagers, merchants and the like. They will be ruins, dungeons and exploration hubs. As Souls there is no vast population of NPCs.
  • The NPCs the player finds are expected to be the most compelling yet in the studio’s work, thanks to Martin’s involvement in the Mythos.
  • George R. R. Martin has written the world’s mythos and Hidetaka Miyazaki has written the game story.
  • Story will be revealed through “fragments of environmental storytelling” as in previous Souls games.
  • Mythos and the present moment of the player are connected and exploration will lead players to understand why things are as they are.
  • There is no information at time of writing about multiplayer/online/invasions.

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