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Elden Ring New Locations, Classes and Bosses Revealed

A slew of new details has been released about Elden Ring going over some interesting features such as starting out, locations, enemies, gameplay, easter eggs and more from 10 hours of gameplay. Game Informer released a featured piece on the game in the latest digital issue, as well as some gameplay covering areas of the game up until the second zone. As well the Playstation Blog shared an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki about what he hopes for players to experience with Elden Ring.

Elden Ring New Locations, Classes and Bosses Revealed

Starting Out

Players will embark upon their venture into The Lands Between starting with choosing a Class, which will dictate your starter gear, stat allocations and abilities. However, you are not locked into a particular playstyle through the game.

The article reveals there are nine starting load-outs including a Class that allows you to start at the lowest level, called Wretch. As we covered previously with our own experience in the network test, players will be granted a number of spells, gear and starting Ashes which are abilities connected to your gear. Compared to previous FromSoftware titles, players have much more customization when it comes to Builds as you can even tinker with the scaling of your gear.

Players also get to choose a starting item, which is familiar to previous titles but a new item called the Stoneward Key stands out as according to its description breaks through an Imp’s Seal.

Before actually throwing you in the thick of it, players will enter a sort of tutorial cave where they can test out controls and get their bearings as well as gain a few runes.


In a recent feature from Game Informer, Elden Ring was put in the spotlight, unveiled some interesting new tidbits about locations in The Lands Between. Limgrave and Stormveil were both areas players got to sample during the closed network test, but it was just a small portion of what will be in the game. Zones shown in the gameplay are Western Limgrave, Eastern Limgrave, The Weeping Peninsula and Stormveil, offering a more expansive look at locations compared to the network test.

One particular area to point out is the starting location towards the church, an area which will allow players to craft items, but you will need to cross a mounted knight boss. Located here is where you can access a smithy and purchase items, the initial Crafting book and Spirit summons.

The church will also introduce players to another important character The Snow Witch, which you may remember from the Elden Ring trailers, she’s quite memorable as she has blue glowing skin, four arms and two faces. She will teach you how to summon Spirits which plays a big role in Elden Ring. Players should note not all areas will allow you to summon spirits, and bosses in the game have abilities that can even destroy them.

Elden Ring New Location: Castle Mourne

Across the Bridge of Sacrifice is Castle Mourne, the bridge which is just as harrowing as it sounds, is full of melee, ranged and artillery-armed enemies. The grand castle lies in ruins, abandoned but not without occupants. Castle Mourne is found in Limgrave, located on the Weeping Penninsula, home to archers of gigantic proportion. There are many checkpoints within, and a boss.

Larger than life archers await players outside Castle Mourne – Screenshot via Game Informer Gameplay Video – Image via Gameinformer

Exclusive footage shown of the gameplay reveals chimeric monsters and an optional boss fight. The boss is behind a fog gate, so if you want to take on Leonine Half-Breed, who apparently is not as difficult to defeat as Godrick but comparable to enemies found in the mini-dungeons. He will pounce and target players with his Greatsword.

Defeating Leonine will grant you a Grafted Blade Greatsword, which comes with the Ash ability Oath of Vengeance, raising stats and poise.

An optional boss Leonine the Halfbreed – – Image via Gameinformer

Game Informer describes this area as “missable” as the game seems to usher players on to larger areas, but those who are willing to investigate could unearth its secrets. Hidetaka Miyazaki has already shared that the game is roughly 30 hours long in content but that’s dependent on player pace and whether their willingness to explore areas, this could be one of them that may get overlooked.

In a recent interview with the Playstation Blog, Miyazaki shared that it isn’t their intention to run players through certain paths, but offer freedom to players to explore how they wish and “at their own pace”, especially with this open-world format and remain with a “new sense of wonder”.

Elden Ring New Location Raya Lucaria

One very ethereal-looking place is the magical academy of Raya Lucaria. Quite a different area as it has a variety of blue hues, compared to the green open spaces of Limgrave, covered in crystals not only in its environment but also the creatures that inhabit it. These range from snails to more vicious animals to the underwater crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters.

The network test didn’t let players explore the depths of Raya Lucaria according to Game Informer who implies it’s because it is likely a Legacy Dungeon.

Elden Ring New Screenshot
Raya Lucaria – Image via Game Informer

Elden Ring New Location Roundtable Hold

One interesting area players will come across is the Roundtable Hold. In order to get here players will encounter Melina once again, but this time up on the hill from Stormveil. This area can be travelled to without the need of triggering boss fights. Melina will then take players to the Roundtable Hold, which is accessed via fast travel only, located outside of the world map. Bloodborne influence can be seen in this area but also taking a knightly Arthurian appearance.

Elden Ring New Screenshot


It is in this area where players will meet further NPCs, ones that provide additional services which will be unlocked and upgraded. NPCs you may have met somewhere else may turn up here such as Roderika the spirit tuner. Essentially you collect characters along the way and meet them at the Roundtable Hold.

There is also Corhyn, a hold practitioner who can teach those who want to take on practical faith-based skills and Diallos who is on the lookout for a loyal servant to his house of Lanya. D the undead hunter here offers players the location of a Beast Clergyman.

There seem to be further secrets to the area though, players will meet The Two Maiden Husks, a pair of characters who are asking for “bell bearings”. Or Hewg, a chained prisoner who doesn’t want to share how he ended up in this situation, but offers info on Roderika and her spirit tuning abilities.

Another important NPC to visit is Fia who, after an embrace with the player, will give players a consumable that will increase poise. There are many blocked-off bedrooms in the Roundtable Hold, meaning further places to investigate it would seem.

But not all NPCs here are friendly, as an NPC invader called Frenzy-Tongue, described as wielding a scythe and bearing frost magic will likely end you if you’re not careful.

Liurnia of the Lakes

Another video that was released on the Game Informer Youtube channel showed a new area Liurnia of the Lakes. This expansive area features shallow waters through which the player can ride mounted. There seem to be rock stacks throughout and a wooded region. The whole area is rather spooky as you can hear bells tolling and the booms of a gigantic rock-like creature walking through the lake. A mysterious spirit can be found that leads players to a cavern.

Liurnia of the Lakes – Screenshot via Game Informer Youtube Video


While not a particular location, Miyazaki has shared that he has a love of swamps, especially when it comes to Elden Ring.

While making this game I rediscovered my love of making poison swamps. I know how people feel about them but I suddenly realize I’m in the middle of making one and I can’t help myself. It just happens. It’s the visual and atmosphere of these poison swamps, I love to make them so much and I hope you can look forward to this poisoned swamp with a brand new identity.

It sounds like Miyazaki loves to make us suffer, but it will be interesting to see how swamps are handled in Elden Ring, especially with Scarlet Rot. We won’t just have to deal with just poison or toxic afflictions this time round as Scarlet Rot is a new one.

G.R.R. Martin Might Be Shocked to See How His Characters Ended Up

While it is well known Elden Ring is a collaboration with fantasy writer G.R.R. Martin, his involvement was purely to provide lore and mythos. Miyazaki shared that Martin actually “might be a bit shocked” to see how his characters have ended up

When Martin wrote these characters, and when he provided that origin story and that mythos for the world of Elden Ring, these demigods were much closer to their original form, and maybe closer to human form back then, before the Shattering. So it was more up to us to interpret this and say ‘how did they become such inhuman monsters?’

The creative process between writer and game developer is surely an interesting one, as usually for a writer they are the ones who mould the story, but in this case their creations are adapted with FromSoftware’s vision.

Having a further look at Elden Ring before its release has revealed some interesting new details, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Miyazaki estimates 30 hours of content, but what these new details reveal is that you will be spending a lot more time unravelling its enigmas in this very lore-rich and sizeable game.

If you want even more Elden Ring be sure to check out more of our content in the roll-up to its release on February 25th, head to the Elden Ring wiki and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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