Elden Ring New Details Including Open World Features, Story Themes and More

Elden Ring New Details Including Open World Features, Story Themes and More

During a talk held at the 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival which spotlighted Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a translated panel hosted by Tokita Takahashi and Sayawaka who read statements from Hidetaka Miyazaki confirming some previously much rumoured details about Elden Ring.

Elden Ring New Details Including Open World Features, Story Themes and More

The talk read statements from game director Hidetaka Miyazaki who has confirmed that Elden Ring will be FromSoftware’s deepest game ever, including how it will deal with the lore and mythos. The section of the talk was translated and appeared on ResetEra posted by cocakoumori. We already know that this amazing collaboration between Games of Thrones’ author George R.R. Martin, and From should have quite a deep lore behind it, but it’s always great to hear that straight from Miyazaki himself:

[Miyazaki]. Basically, I decide the thematic elements of the game first to develop the motifs and world view of the title. Now we’re in development for a game called “ELDEN RING” which is larger and deeper than anything we’ve done before (..) history, or mythos, we feel we’re challenging ourselves to make a game that deals with these two opposing [elements].

Sayawaka also went on to confirm that Elden Ring will have an open-world experience for players as well some Game of Throne veterans also seem to be part of the development, but doesn’t share in what capacity:

[Sayawaka]. ELDEN RING has staff from the foreign drama “Game of Thrones” participating in development and the game has got a sort of “open-worlded-ness” to it with wide open areas where you can ride your horse and things, it seems there are scenes like that in the game so, well,… There’s a feeling of a world here, I suppose, right?

But what’s interesting about the statement shared is it went on to confirm some of themes of the game which are a testament to George R.R. Martin’s previous work, calling it a “very painful fantasy drama”, and sets to hit some rather human themes such as “racism, politics, citizenship, and so on”. From what Sayawaka shares, while the game is fantasy, there will be a very “human perspective”.

[Tokita] True, well, this is one that I personally like and I think it’s a very painful fantasy drama… There’s pain there and from a human perspective there are themes of racism, politics, citizenship, and so on (…) So this is a work that is psychologically quote painful in a lot of ways and making a game with Miyazaki which such a huge world view.. on a world-level, everyone’s looking forward to it so…

[Sayawaka]. (…) The actions of the characters… Really make you think “yeah, humans are like that” it’s just tremendous (..) and when you have history and myth, from a human perspective you can make a very grand story out of that. I don’t want to say too much but I’m certainly excited

While the details are not specific on exactly what kind of fantasy-drama players will experience, it does add a little more context. Previously there have been rumours of the kind of gameplay, bosses and even the world of Elden Ring with a day and night cycle described as “immersive”. While these are still not confirmed by From, the rumour about NPCs having their own personal motives and conflict seems to be supported by these new details.

Have these new details helped to quench your unbearable Elden Ring thirst? If not we have plenty more you can read on our Elden Ring wiki.  You can also check out the previous Elden Ring rumours here.

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