Eitr: New Gameplay Video & Developer Interview

If you are a fan of the Souls series or Diablo, or RPGs in general, you probably perked up to our Eitr hands-on from Gamescom. As we really loved the game, we followed up with Eneme Entertainment developers David and Tobi, and they kindly provided some answers and footage sure to wet your appetite for pixelated souls. And of course, we will be filling in an Eitr Wiki for all your research needs!

The Interview

FL: Does the game have difficulty settings?
EE: No, there is no difficulty settings in Eitr.

FL: Pacing/Learning Curve: Given the influences you have mentioned (Zelda, Diablo, Dark Souls), how do you expect the pacing of the game to be? Should players expect frequent deaths and restarts, and perhaps getting stuck temporarily at a challenge, or would it be more of a progressive curve? (for example, in Diablo you unlock new difficulties)

EE: So we don’t want players to die consistently to the point where they feel like there is no hope, we want pretty consistent progression, when you die, we want you to feel like you either learnt something, gained an item, leveled up, etc so you feel like on the next run you’ll get further or have a better chance of progressing, however this curve can drastically change if you decide to build a Favor based character, in which case you’re essentially playing perma death.


FL: Will there be a New Game Plus? Would it bring about increased difficulty or rewards?

EE: Yes, however it may be a little different than how ng+ normally works. We don’t want players to feel like the only way to progress after story completion is to play through the entire story again, we feel that it would be more entertaining if after completing the game, you decide where you want to go, only at an increased difficulty.


FL: Will leveling be permanent, or do you plan in allowing players to reassign their points? Will there be a level cap?

EE: You’ll be able to respec through a rare item. We’re still discussing about whether a level cap is the right way to go.

FL: Will there be a crafting system? What can you tell us about it?

EE: So the crafting system in Eitr will be quite light, it is more about upgrades rather than crafting new items. You’ll be able to significantly alter the statistics of most equipment in the game by breaking down items into resources and using these resources to alter other items.

Depending on what item you break down, will give you different materials. For example breaking down a Legendary item could give you a Legendary crafting material that allows you to upgrade a rare item into a Legendary item.

FL: What itemization model are you aiming for? Do weapons and armors have special traits?

EE: Well this is still in development, but the idea is that most items in the game have randomly assigned stats, your normal things like Strength, Dexterity, etc. Whereas Legendary items will have more unique statistics that can only be found on those specific items.

FL: Will there be upgrades for weapons and armor, or will you find better ones as you move along?

EE: Both, you’ll upgrade your items through crafting and you’ll find higher level items as you progress through the game.

FL: Will bosses drop special rewards? Are these percentage based or certainties?

EE: Yes, some bosses will drop Legendary items that can only be acquired from those specific bosses. All loot in the game is percentage based.

FL: Can NPCs be attacked or swayed to join or oppose you?

EE: Haha, at the moment there are no plans for NPC combat. I hit too many NPC’s by accident in Dark Souls. lol

FL: Will the story and endings diverge based on choices or actions?

EE: Haha, I’d rather let players find this one out for themselves!

FL: Are there traps or other environmental features?

EE: Of course! We’re still figuring out exactly how they’re going to work, as the game is 2D It’s kind of difficult to hide things in plain sight without it being unfair, but we’ve got a few ideas, so yeah – you can expect those arrows in the back we talked about before, haha.

Eitr’s gameplay was a lot of fun, and the new reveals on mechanics are exciting to say the least. Share your thoughts in the comments!


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3 comments on “Eitr: New Gameplay Video & Developer Interview”

  1. Avatar Emergence says:

    It feels like we’re hitting a golden age of rpgs where influences of influences are influencing new games (that’s an odd mouthful). When I see games like this it impresses that upon me. It shows the industry developing further. It’s somewhat like popular music, where decades ago you had all these archetypes as the first of their kind, like the Beatles, Zepplin etc, and now a lot of new music is a subtle mix of all of that and it’s all the better for it. I can’t wait to get my mitts on this one.

  2. Avatar Carphil says:

    Is that Cas voice? :P

    Loved this game, especially because it looks difficult, and not in an unfair way. I’m also loving this art style that some devs have chosen lately, this decade has been great for new classic 2D styles and for RPGs in general

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    That is indeed Cas’ voice, he was very tired though haha.
    The game is looking epic, and I’m really curious about the way the RNG will turn out. The devs have been implementing fan feedback ideas such as adding movesets, which I find a great way to develop. I actually really want to play this haha.

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