Eitr is a Soulslike Game We’re Eagerly Awaiting

Eitr is a Soulslike Game We’re Eagerly Awaiting

Eitr was playable this past weekend at publisher Devolver Digital’s booth at the Playstation Experience in Anaheim. Developer Eneme Entertainment is working hard on bringing the isometric pixel art game to the PS4 and PC masses and along with Salt and Sanctuary, is one of recent crop of games in the Dark Souls and Bloodborne inspired Soulslike genre that has us excited.

For those unaware, Eitr is an action RPG built around exceptional combat and formidable challenges set within a mythological Norse world. It is in the same isometric view we’ve come to know from games like Diablo. The game’s main character is known as the Shield Maiden. The world tree Yggdrasil has been contaminated by Eitr, a corrupting force. The  Shield Maiden must purify the tree to save  all of existence, while at the same time, learn why she herself is immune while all around her perish.


There is no XP in the game; becoming more powerful is based around two parallel concepts. The first is based around weapons and gems. Certain weapons are more powerful, and certain gems, which can only be combined with certain weapons and items, make them more effective still. The second is “favor.” Defeating enemies gains favor. The more favor you hold, the more powerful you are. However, if you are killed, you lose all favor. As an alternative, you can return to Yggdrasil and spend the favor, gaining permanent stat boosts but you are overall less powerful. This is a clear inspiration from souls and blood echoes with their own unique twist.


The game features a bonfire mechanic that behaves as safe havens, without respawning enemies, but the enemies themselves are brutal enough to compensate. Death is a constant occurrence and players can expect some intense and challenging bosses. Watching players play through the game at stations during conventions is a study in death, death and more death and this past weekend was no different.


The game does not have an official PS4/PC release date announced yet, but we’re hopeful it’s soon! To learn more, check out our hands on preview and developer interview and keep checking back with us for news and updates! In the meantime have a look at this darling pixel art gif:

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6 comments on “Eitr is a Soulslike Game We’re Eagerly Awaiting”

  1. Avatar Daos_Strange says:

    Good write up. I have a feeling the mechanics of this game are going to make it a popular speed & challenge running game. Do you know if Favor can be recovered or is it lost permanently? You mentioned that enemies do not respawn when resting at a bonfire/safe haven, but do you know if they respawn upon death? That would really play big into risk vs. reward. Really looking forward to a release date.

  2. Avatar Scar85 says:

    Any release date in sight already :0 ? Have it on my wait-for-monitor since the 1st trailer i think @__@

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    No release date yet. Really looking forward to it. The devs are awesome people by the way!

  4. Avatar Nodos says:

    Love it when the retro-feeling is combined with new game-style ideas. :thumbs up:

  5. Hiob says:

    Very nice article!
    I am so excited about this game! I#m sure it will become the same great experience playing it like
    Salt & Sanctuary did before! Chances are very good it gets even better ;)

  6. Avatar abraksil says:

    I can’t wait for this one! It’s gorgeous!

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