Eileen, The Crow – Your Complete Guide to A Quest Most Glitched

Eileen, The Crow – Your Complete Guide to A Quest Most Glitched

Last updated on August 7th, 2015

Greetings, fellow Hunters

The Night has been long for yours truly and during my myriad ventures there is still one mystery that eludes both myself and most of you Good Hunters.

This mystery is none other than the appearance of Eileen, The Crow in the Cathedral Ward. After the fight with the lost Father Gascoigne we enter the inner part of the Cathedral Grounds, open the main gate and then rush off to meet her. Only, sometimes, she is nowhere to be found, no matter how hard we look…

After experimenting via use of secret Blood Rituals and countless hours of taking notes and comparing them with others’, I think I might be getting close to cracking the puzzle… suffice to say my research goes in two directions:
i) There is actually a hint of “luck”, or lack thereof, tangled in the yarn of her actions. She might or might NOT actually appear on a whim. That, in layman’s terms my brethren, is a bug. Or a glitch, if one can cause it to trigger consistently.

ii) The other idea I am getting – like many of you – is that there is some sort of secret trigger involved, some criteria we know nothing about as of yet. This one, hopefully, is the truth and we will learn to follow the correct steps in due time. But, for now, I highly doubt this is the case.

So, following my first thought process I shall present to you a formula, one that I have used multiple times and met with successful results, allowing me to reach the conclusion of her story. Please, take note: The steps beyond this point are the results of testing, trial and error. I cannot by any means, with a clear conscience, tell you that the method is 100% foolproof. But, as it stands, it surely is better than most.

Enjoy the read then, Hunters and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

Piece of advice: Backup your entire save file in a FAT32 Flash Stick before returning to Oedon in step 4. After this point it can all go south so you can load your back-up and try again.


1) Meeting Eileen in the Aqueducts (NOT required): You will meet Eileen in the Aqueducts right after the Old Lady’s House. She will tell you a bit about the Hunt and give you a couple of things. According to the intended script this step in NOT required but I’ve had better luck clearing the quest by talking to her here before killing the Cleric Beast. So, by following this train of thought talk to her BEFORE killing any of the bosses in Central Yharnam.

2) Kill the Cleric Beast and take Gascoigne out of his misery. Save the Echoes to purchase required key item from the Messengers (Hunter Chief Emblem). Light the Oedon Lamp and teleport to the Hunter’s Dream.

3) Quit the game and load OFFLINE. This is very important and seems to help in most cases. FROM released 1.3 today and supposedly fixed this but I’m not ready to bet my Echoes on this yet.

4) Purchase the 10K key from the Messengers (Hunter Chief Emblem) BEFORE heading back into the Cathedral Ward via Oedon Lamp.

5) Light the Cathedral Ward Lamp, trek the dungeon until you unlock the gate by using the aforementioned key. Then, go left and wander in the back alleys until you reach the rooftops. VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT open the first shortcut leading to the two giant Executioners there. This might glitch your whole attempt. Instead, keep going until you reach the shortcut that leads to the Wooden Plank Shield. Pull the lever, cross your fingers and run straight down.

6i)Spot Eileen to the left of the Cathedral Ward main path (right behind the cart as you are facing going down the stairs) and rejoice! Exhaust her dialogue.

COMBAT SCENARIO: Run straight to the Oedon Lamp to confront Henryk. DO NOT RETURN TO THE DREAM PRIOR TO THIS. In this combat scenario it is IMPERATIVE you keep Henryk’s aggro on you since he can easily kill both you and Eileen, in which case the quest is over win or lose. Gank him up and kill him with precision. Be very careful: If you overdamage Eileen she will turn hostile and the quest will be over nonetheless. After the battle you talk to Eileen, go through ALL her lines and use the Lamp to leave the area. At this point you are pretty much done. Keep playing until after you defeat Rom, the Vacuous Spider. Then go back to the Grand Cathedral, Red Moon looming high, talk to her until you get the “Wait” gesture, confront her last mark solo and upon victory talk her again outside to reap your rewards. Among them is the Oath Rune “Hunter” that allows you to join the Hunter of Hunters Covenant.

6ii) Eileen is not there. Reload your backup because at this point it’s 80% de facto that you missed progressing the quest. Some people have triggered her to spawn by killing the Blood Starved Beast or even Amelia but I would not waste 45′ – 90′ minutes of my life just to linger on this hopes. Reloading is your best bet of saving time and spawning her.

7) After a successful loading of you backup follow the steps down from “5” until the Henryk encounter and take it from there.


1) Do not kill Gascoigne BEFORE the Cleric Beast. This might glitch your whole effort.

2) Don’t forget to talk to her before encountering EITHER Central Yharnam Boss. That is, exhaust her dialogue before triggering their fog gates.

3) Avoid dying on your run towards the Chief Hunter Gate. Sometimes this might cause the glitch to appear.

4) Granted you reach the Henryk encounter avoid using wide-swinging weapons like the Axe’s trick form or the Cleaver’s trick form. Stay at medium distance, attempt to parry but don’t over-extend. He hits really hard and has a ton of health so you should take it easy with your attacks to avoid hitting Eileen in the process.

Hope this helps fellow Hunters. The following video is a work of my own, created during the first week of the game’s release. It pretty much is a step by step guide showing how you can trigger her to appear.

So, this is the fruit of my labours whilst trying to understand the mystery of Eileen’s appearance. Hope I was able to assist in some way. Also feel free to check my YouTube channel for more guides and gameplay related to Bloodborne and other titles (Witcher 3 footage/guides/gameplay imminent).

Until next time Good Hunters be well, stay frosty and always strive for Perfection

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34 comments on “Eileen, The Crow – Your Complete Guide to A Quest Most Glitched”

  1. Najm-Stark says:

    For me she not appearing in the Cathedral Ward 2nd encounter on my NG++(made new character first do experiment on) it what i did is light central yhanrnam lamp only not talk to any NPC except Eileen kill the cleric beast first by help of father Gascoigne and did not light any lamp or talk to any one defeat father Gascoigne return to dream hunter buy key open all shortcut walahh! it was there standing . Note : ( if Eileen was in Cathedral Ward you dont need to talk to her in order to fight Henryk’s because he appear at the same time she dose but for gesture i recommended to talk to her )
    This image before talk to Eileen .

  2. Avatar FiOth says:

    Greetings friend!

    The idea behind the guide is to eliminate as many chances as possible for the "glitch" to trigger. In my very first playthrough ever I spawned her and I didn’t even know how I did it.

    We are trying, on a community level, to figure this out. It’s still, sadly, a very hit-or-miss thing.

    Using the above method will increase your chances dramatically though. :)

  3. Najm-Stark says:

    I think the trigger of glitch or bug is lighting lamp of Cathedral Ward Or tomb lamp .

  4. Avatar FiOth says:

    Nah, both of those are tested, as stated above, and trigger no glitch. I’ve tested that in at least three playthroughs.

  5. Nova_77 says:

    I don’t understand. What’s the glitch? It’s a pretty straightforward questline. I didn’t even pay much attention to it and it was fine for me.

  6. Avatar FiOth says:

    You’ve been lucky then. For MANY people out there she never appears in Cathedral Ward.

  7. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    wierd; never had her glitched out. i did miss the shh gesture in first character but was able to finish quest. and on 4 other characters i completed the quest with no issues. What i do:
    1.talk to eileen in central yharnam and exhaust dialogue
    2. beat/skip cleric beast; beat father G. light all lamps like normal
    3.buy chief emblem and open all 3 gates and she should spawn near the overlook right outside odeon chapel.
    4. talk to her about her "mark"/ exhaust dialogue then travel to where you fought father G
    5. beat henryk without doing too much attacks on eileen. (Friend hit her too much and she stopped talking to him and bc his enemy later) also (she may glitched out and trys walking to tomb of odoen sewer part) same dialogue but wont progress.
    6. after rom beat the cainhurst hunter and get all the goodies from eileen.
    Make contact

  8. Avatar FiOth says:

    If everyone who DID make it without trouble just comments "I didn’t have any trouble" or explains what’s supposed to be done – the logical process – in one post each we will be creating an encyclopedia of our own right here. :)

    The guide is a glitch chance elimination. If you are having no problems great! That’s even better. But some people DO have problems and the guide is for them.


  9. cptcosmic says:

    the "bug" which everyone is suffering is simple and not really a bug:
    dont progress past cathedral ward before you killed henry if you want to finish the questline. you can move around freely in the cathedral ward area but once you leave to the next areas like old yharnam or the areas left/right to the grand cathedral the questline is disrupted because you didnt helped eileen before you moved on.

  10. Avatar TSMP says:

    As far as I can tell, Eileen’s questline doesn’t appear "glitched" or "bugged" in any way. It simply had (at the time) unknown quest triggers with really, really small windows.

    The correct path to finishing Eileen’s quest is:

    Talk to her in Central Yharnam before reaching the Cathedral Ward
    Talk to her outside the Cathedral Ward after defeating Vicar Amelia but before entering the Forbidden Woods
    Defeat Henrick without Eileen dying
    After defeating Rom, talk to her outside the Grand Cathedral and defeat the hunter inside, then talk to her again to finish the quest and collect the Hunter rune

    The "before Cathedral Ward" and "before entering the Forbidden Woods" requirements of her questline were previously unknown, and had everyone baffled. Those were the reasons why she disappeared without warning. Heck, there might still be an unknown flag or two that the guide doesn’t cover, since it’s not exactly perfect. Very good, yes, but I found a number of errors in the first day…

  11. Avatar FiOth says:

    Too bad I don’t have a complete video of the two playthroughs in which I followed the quest path and still she was NOT there. If you want to doubt guys, be my guest.

    BTW, Amelia was never a factor in this. As you can read the trigger is the shortcut. Every time I spawned her Amelia had nothing to do with it.

    It is a guide to assist people having trouble, I’m saying again. What’s to be proven by all the theories? You don’t need to use it, that’s awesome, you didn’t run into any trouble. Even better if they tweeked something to make it more foolproof.

    PS. Everyone knows the supposed way this works. But it has not been working for everybody. A simple google search will prove how many people have been having problems with this.

  12. Najm-Stark says:

    No i Disagree on my NG+ i didn’t progress in questline and eileen didn’t show up in cathedral ward and i did everything on Bloodborne Wiki

    but when i did my strategy like above, it work i dont know how? The other thing , only people who have the bug or glitch and they work it around should talk about there experience .

  13. Avatar FiOth says:

    That IS the issue guys, that’s the bloody definition of the term BUG: A flaw in the code that leads to inconsistencies. It simply does not trigger in the same way for everyone. THAT is what we are trying to remedy.

  14. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I can confirm we saw her glitch. She spawned in Central Yharnam for Castielle but he was unable to speak to her (we had not gone anywhere else yet), then she vanished from the game after reloading.

  15. Avatar FiOth says:

    Thanks for the feedback Fex, appreciate it.

  16. StrikerShane says:

    In hopes to clear things up with Eileen’s questline, this is the progression according to the guide:

    1. Speak to her twice at the Dry Dock in Central Yharnam to begin her quest and receive the initial rewards. If you miss her in this location you can still trigger her opening dialogue outside the Oedon Chapel.

    2. If you didn't start her quest in Central Yharnam, you can do so outside the Oedon Chapel instead. Failure to trigger dialogue before entering the Forbidden Woods will instantly end her quest and permanently remove her from the game.

    3. Speak to her outside the Oedon Chapel after defeating Vicar Amelia but before examining the skull and she'll tell you about Henryk, her current assassination target, and will teach you a gesture. If you started her quest at the chapel rather than in Central Yharnam, you'll need to reload the area in order to trigger this dialogue.

    4. If you head straight to Father Gascoigne's boss area after Eileen warns you about Henryk, he will attack you immediately and Eileen will arrive partway through the battle to assist you. If you reload the game after receiving Eileen's warning, she will already be fighting Henryk when you arrive.

    5. Help Eileen defeat Henryk and speak to her before entering the Forbidden Woods to learn a gesture and advance her quest along the "good" path. If you do not defeat Henryk before entering the Forbidden Woods, Eileen's quest will advance along the "bad" path.

    6. If you helped Eileen defeat Henryk, you'll find her outside the Grand Cathedral. Speak to her to learn a gesture then proceed into the cathedral and defeat the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst. If you didn't help Eileen defeat Henryk, she will be waiting inside the Grand Cathedral and will attack you on sight; defeating her yields the Crow Hunter Badge and ends her quest.

    7. Speak to Eileen outside the Grand Cathedral after defeating the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst to conclude her quest and receive the final set of rewards.

  17. kinnikuroy says:

    This is what i did to spawn her in Cathedral Ward and finish her questline
    – talk to her 2x in sewers
    – after you defeated Gascoigne, make sure you lit the lamp in Oeden tomb and Cathedral ward then proceed to Old Yharnam.
    – kill Blood Starved Beast and return to Hunter’s Dream
    – teleport to Cathedral ward and Eillen is now standing outside the chapel.
    – teleport back to Hunter’s Dream then teleport to Great Bridge lamp (oedon tomb lamp is now inaccessible).
    – go to Oeden tomb and defeat Henry (this way you have enough time to deal massive damage b4 Eillen will come).
    – skip Hemwick and go to Grand Cathedral to kill Vicar for password.
    – access forbidden wood, kill Shadows and Rom.
    – return to Grand Cathedral via Cathedral ward lamp.
    – talk to her Eillen b4 attacking the spy and get his drops afterward
    – go back to Eillen, get her rewards and done.

    I did this for 3 straight ng+ and it works as expected

  18. Avatar Green__Eagle says:

    I need a little help. I’ve talked to her a couple of times (got the Approval [Clap] Gesture) and the lamp for Tomb of Oedon was inactive. I went to the Cathedral Ward and backtracked. Henry and the Crow were fighting. We defeated Henry. The Crow talked to me about how I shouldn’t have fought Father G. and she camped out at the lamp for a good long time.

    Now she is no longer at the lamp, but the lamp is Inactive. Every time I want to co-op against Father G., I have to go through the Cathedral Ward.

    I don’t think my game is glitched; I think she’s off doing something, but the Tomb of Oedon lamp is still inactive.

    Could it be that after we defeated Henry I went to the Forbidden Woods? I haven’t found my way to Forbidden Grave yet. ng+, but I just don’t remember how I got there last time. 🙂

  19. Avatar FiOth says:

    If you talked to her after Henryk you are set my friend. She will reappear after a major world change (don’t want to spoil you in case you are in your first NG) and will be located by the Grand Cathedral.

    Then you can talk to her and proceed with the final phase. :)

  20. Avatar Green__Eagle says:

    I’ve finished her quest line, but my Tomb of Oedon lamp is still not functioning.

    Is this normal or a glitch? I don’t want to do her quest line a second time if it breaks my lamp.

  21. Avatar Atrocys says:

    That happens sometimes if you don’t touch the lamp after killing Henryk(1 time just touching wasnt enough had to actually use it and go back to the dream)

  22. Avatar FiOth says:

    She will be leaving the lamp anyway after Rom so don’t worry.

  23. Avatar Green__Eagle says:

    I DID try to use the lamp to warp out after Henry was killed, but it was inactive. I figured it was because Eileen was standing there next to it.

    Now after Eileen died at the top of the stairs at Grand Cathedral, my lamp is still inactive.

    I have to think this is a glitch and not common.

    Perhaps we broke the lamp during the fight. I did try to keep the lamp between me and Henry. If that’s how the lamp got broken, that would be acceptable and understandable.

  24. Avatar FiOth says:

    No, the quest is still and in general quite broken. Don’t worry too much about the teleportation, luckily you don’t have to cover too much ground in those areas.

  25. Avatar Scarecrow says:

    I never had a problem with this NPC at all. Guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

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