EA Play Press Conference June 9th to 11th

EA Play Press Conference June 9th to 11th

EA will be continuing to be holding their own press events with the EA Play press conference, running from June 9th to June 11th opting to forgo attending E3. EA Play will start at 11 am PDT on June 9th at the Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles. As in previous years, EA will livestream and provide updates from their event across EA.comYouTubeTwitterFacebook, and Instagram throughout the days. The press conference will consist of showcasing gameplay from several games, interviews with developers and much more.

EA Play Press Event June 9th – 11th

What games will they be showing off this year? EA stated on their blog post:

The next Battlefield, Anthem and some of your favorite EA SPORTS games will all have big reveals during the show. You won’t want to miss it.

So this means we could be previewing about 8 games:

  • New Battlefield
  • Anthem
  • New EA Sports
    • Fifa
    • Madden
    • NBA
    • NHL
    • PGA
    • UFC
  • New Sims
  • New Mobile Games

While I don’t play most of EA games, I want to see how Anthem has come along since it’s first debut. Considering Destiny 2 was a complete failure, Anthem has a good chance to redeem them if it doesn’t repeat the same mistakes the developers Bungie made. Who knew not fixing launch bugs, not properly play-testing anything and having a complete lack of an endgame would turn players off. Anthem is on my “let’s see how it shapes up” list and I hope EA really delivers at EA Play.

Reminder to all living near Hollywood or looking to attend the EA Play event, you can access pre-registration via register.ea.com. Tickets are Free and allows players to have an early chance to play EA’s games.

How to Pre-Register

Step 1: Pre-Registration – Click START PRE-REGISTRATION below to reserve your ticket. Once you’ve pre-registered for your ticket, you will have the opportunity to complete your registration on May 25.

Step 2: Registration – On May 25 at 9am PST, EA will notify pre-registered ticket holders that you can now select a show day or book a gameplay session. These sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Step 3: Confirmation – Once you have confirmed your show date or gameplay session, you will receive a confirmation email with your personalized QR code. Don’t forget to bring your email/printout with you to EA PLAY.

Where: Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles / Catch it live on EA.com
Dates:  June 9th – 11th 2018
Time: Saturday 2pm – 8pm; Sunday & Monday 10am – 8pm
How: Pre-register via register.ea.com
Price: FREE

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2 comments on “EA Play Press Conference June 9th to 11th”

  1. ckmishn says:

    The more EA keeps to its own press conference the better. That way they won’t take time from anyone else’s conference that could be filled with something interesting.

    Seriously that list is outright depressing. Remember that EA has the rights to all the Bullfrog Games like Populous and Dungeon Keeper? And the Origin games like Ultima and Wing Commander? And the Westwood games like Command and Conquer and Eye of the Beholder? The actually good Maxis games that haven’t been bled dry (i.e. the ones that aren’t "The Sims")? The Pandemic games (specifically "Mercennaries")?

    Then again, all the creative people behind those games are gone, just like the creative people who made the Baldur’s Gate and KOTOR games. EA will never again make a truly great game. They’ll all be infested with loot boxes or come with so much crappy DLC they literally cost hundreds for dollars for the full game.

  2. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    Yeah i can see where youre coming from. I honestly dont remember when is the last time buying an EA product. Most of my friends do for Fifa or their other sports game but they arent the same company anymore

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