EA Access Is Coming to Steam this Summer

EA Access Is Coming to Steam this Summer

Recently Electronic Arts has announced that EA Access will be coming to Steam this summer 2020.

EA Access Is Coming to Steam this Summer

EA Access will be coming to Steam this summer, which was announced this week. An official post has been made on the EA website details that 25+ EA game have launched as the first wave of games. Among the list is the RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dragon Age II. Other franchises joining the platform include Need for Speed, Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, as well as partner developed titles such as Unravel, Unravel II, Fe and Seas of Solitude.

Their games will be apart of the EA Access subscription on Steam which will also launch on Steam in summer. EA Access offers discounts, and in-game member benefits for some EA’s major franchises.

More news will be coming this month during EA Play Live which will be taking place at later date, June 18th at 4PM PDT/7PM EDT. The postponed was to support of the current protests surrounding the death of George Floyd.

What EA games are you interested in coming to Steam? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 comments on “EA Access Is Coming to Steam this Summer”

  1. Avatar elnawawi says:

    I already have Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age: Inquisition on Origin.. I know it’s good to have everything on Steam, but I wouldn’t buy the games again!

    But yes, I hated Origin, I failed to buy from it many times before because it’s bad launcher/platform .. and sometimes it just fail to work .. it lacks features and overall much worse than anything … If they launch future games like DA4 on Steam it would be my choice instead of Origin ofc

  2. Avatar Turnbasedgamer says:

    It seems most of the great EA games are already on Steam individually. I guess if you have EA Access then it just makes it easier to access them? Not sure how this is helping anyone, unless it’s just a preference of game launcher or if you use EA Access on multiple devices (like Xbox, PS4 and PC). In any case, BioWare games are always appreciated, especially Mass Effects and Dragon Ages.

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