E3 tomorrow: Fextralife is attending!

E3 tomorrow: Fextralife is attending!

Last updated on August 7th, 2015


Hello Fextralife Community!


As many of you know, E3 kicks off tomorrow with its trademark press conferences from big publishers and console makers! These conferences are available for the general public via internet streams, but what we cannot see from our computers is the enormous floor with its booths, demo’d games and impressive banners, or note the extensive list of closed doors meetings that happen in reserved suites during the day.


But worry not! Fextralife will be attending the event with an invitation from Sony, who will be guiding us to not only speak to senior Sony staff, but also first party developers. Additionally, we have confirmed invites to some closed door meetings to get our hands on some *very* interesting games for our community.

So during this week, expect to see different takes on the announcements that come out and such, and very special articles from Castielle, our man in the ground.

If there’s any game that you’re particularly looking for and want to cover, or want Cas to investigate a specific booth, let us know via the comments!

Praise the Sun!

*Praise the sun!*

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28 comments on “E3 tomorrow: Fextralife is attending!”

  1. Avatar youhacked1 says:

    Since Cas is with SONY maybe he can explore more about the Exclusives of PS4?

  2. Avatar Naeeli says:

    Would it be possible for Cas to ask SONY if there is going to be anything done with "The Legend of Dragoon" in the future like possibly renewed interest in making a sequel? That’s something I’d really like to know >.>

  3. Avatar SirArchmage says:

    Image Well okay whatever you say Fex

  4. Avatar TomBombadil515_ says:

    Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain? :bounce:

  5. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    Things I want more info on (pretty much in the order of most to least important):

    -Project Beast
    -PS Now (even though I’m in the beta and know a thing or two, prices, games, scope, etc would be nice)
    -Upcoming PS4 updates/features
    -Did I mention Project Beast yet?
    -Upcoming Exclusives?
    -Upcoming indies? Love me some indies

  6. Avatar JohnnyHarpoon says:

    Phantom Pain, Omega Red/Alpha Sapphire, Uncharted 4, Mortal Kombat X, Arkham Knight.

    Unless there’s a surprise Dragon’s Crown 2, that’s pretty much all I’ve heard of that I care about, pretty much in that order (though, needless to say anything Miyazaki is of utmost importance).

  7. Avatar Serious_Much says:

    Don’t thing that is gonna happen (much as I’d love it to)

    I can’t really add much.. It is literally exclusives an ps now tht are the big agendas really

  8. Avatar Fexelea says:

    He can certainly ask! Tomorrow is conference day but after that investigation begins! :D

  9. Avatar RagnarLodbrok says:

    All of the above!

    You could totally drop a line about being one of the foremost Wikis/Forums out there for RPG’s, see if you can get any exclusives! :D

    Remember Cas.. you go the extra mile.. Every single inch of it.

  10. Avatar Fexelea says:

    How do you think we got invited in the first place? :P

    And indeed. Every single inch *cackle*

    @Everyone else: We have focused attention on Project Beast and Lords of the Fallen – we had an invite to demo Witcher 3 as well but not sure it will pan out – we’ll see! Will keep everyone updated on indie scene etc.

    And ofc if any of you would like to be in charge of a certain article for a game you like (that’s not been mentioned before) then let me know!

  11. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    I’m gonna make a quick write up of the Sony E3 at the Theater event (I might call the article E Three-ater. Get it? Ha ha ha hahaahahahahahahah…I’m so damn funny).

    I likely won’t cover much in the way of announcements etc. directly but more of the experience. In other words, how good of a host is Sony etc. etc. Make the Hype Train even bigger. My plan is to stay up late and have that ready to go ASAP

    There’s supposed to be an additional 30 minutes of content and I will add any discoveries from that if it’s not covered elsewhere. Since I have no idea what it is, I can’t really say at the moment.

    Other than that, if no one else is taking care of it, I’ll be into the Indie scene and make some quick shots about games that look promising. If there’s any new info on Never Alone or Among the Sleep I’ll be on top of those for sure.

  12. Avatar Serious_Much says:

    I think it would be hilarious if we asked the teams for project beast and lords of the fallen how they want their wikis to look :P

  13. Avatar skarekrow13 says:


    So much that

  14. Avatar Serious_Much says:

    Oh as well if he can get hold of someone high up in sony..

    I want answers on Crash Bandicoot. Goddammit I’ve waited for years for a feckin revival

  15. Esquire says:

    He’ll be waiting a long time considering Sony has never even owned the IP and hasn’t even been involved in publishing it in about 14 years.

  16. Avatar Wigriff says:

    I’m covering Fallout news and stuff about Civilization: Beyond Earth.

  17. Avatar aknightadrift says:

    I’m putting together an article about indie games that may be of interest to Souls players. Cas, I do not know you and I am totally new to all of this via Wigriff, but could you keep an eye out for Hyper Light Drifter and Below, specifically? I think they’re both showing on the floor in some capacity or another. They are very much on my radar (and everyone else’s) and I intend to do a little write-up for each, as well as "Perish," a recently launched indiegogo game. For anyone who is wondering:

    Hyper Light Drifter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VslU2On9kkU

    Perish – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WW1hQ9i16s

    Below – http://vimeo.com/68314832

    Looking forward to all the articles, guys! Should have something to you this evening or tomorrow.


  18. Avatar Wigriff says:

    You should look into Ghost Song. It’s an indie game that combines Super Metroid with Dark Souls:

  19. Avatar aknightadrift says:

    Good call. I remembered that it existed, but couldn’t for the life of me recall what it was called. I will definitely include it on the list. Thank you!

  20. Avatar Wigriff says:

    Tross had mentioned a game called Red Goddess too. I think it’s similar.

  21. Avatar aknightadrift says:

    I had considered adding that to my list, but I felt it didn’t have quite the right vibe or aesthetic for the list I was putting together. A little too cartoony, I think. The rest (including Ghost Song) are pretty desolate and grim, even if they do feature vibrant atmospheres in some cases, ya know? I was also thinking of putting Kentucky Route Zero on the list since it’s not technically complete, as well as The Long Dark for thematic reasons. In any case, I think four is a good number for now, but I may put together similar lists in the future… :lol:

  22. Avatar Wigriff says:

    I’ve been interested in Kentucky Route Zero. My old BitMob/GamesBeat editor swears it’s the best thing ever and that I should play it. I never heard it compared to Souls in any way though.

  23. Avatar aknightadrift says:

    Heh, I don’t think it’s a comparison most people would instantly make, but it is a story concerned with exploring disparate, broken narratives and how they coalesce, as well as dark and mysterious environments to uncover clues to great conundrums. I will admit it’s not totally comparable, but I get the same vibe from it as I do when I’m playing Souls games and just exploring and come across a new character. The situation is odd, off-putting, and unique. I would say it’s a sort of a modern-set Souls game without the combat and whatnot. Maybe that’s getting too far away from what makes Souls games what they are (those mechanics don’t define the series for me), but I can see folks who are deeply invested in the lore and atmosphere of Souls being interested in KRZ.

    Or, I could just be a total weirdo, haha. Like I said, I was going to leave it off my list – it’s a bit of a stretch, but an indie I’d definitely recommend for ANYONE. I’ll undoubtedly put together another non-Souls list toward the end of the week.

  24. Avatar JohnnyHarpoon says:

    I’d give you rep if I could.

  25. Avatar Noob-of-Artorias says:

    Been keeping up with E3 for most of the day (even though by all rights I should be studying :/) and I’ve gotta say I’m liking a lot of what I’m seeing this year.

    So far I’m becoming very interested in…

    1. Farcry 4
    2. Assassin’s Creed Unity
    3. The Division
    4. Rainbow Six: Seige
    5. Call of Duty: AW (it actually looks like it might be good…praise the sun!)
    6. Destiny

    Sony’s conference just started so I’m sure this list will grow in just a few ;)

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