E3 2021 Going Ahead with Three Day Digital Event Most Likely

E3 2021 Going Ahead with Three Day Digital Event Most Likely

ESA will be focusing on a three-day digital for E3 2021 according to a recent report.

E3 2021 Going Ahead with Three Day Digital Event Most Likely

Last year’s E3 ultimately got cancelled due to the pandemic, with a replacement event announced but also getting cancelled. Instead, a new online event was announced for E3 2021.

The dates for E3 2021 have been earmarked since last April, but a physical event hasn’t been completely ruled out. According to a report by VGC, who has seen pitch documents for a digital event running from 15th-17th June, a digital format seems to be the preferred way to approach the event this 2021.

We’ve seen some of the biggest announcements at E3. Elden Ring was announced E3 2019, will we see more at E3 2021’s digital event?

The article by VGC says that ESA are planning E3 2021 as a three-day event, with preview night being on the 14th June, hosting an award show, two-hour keynote sessions from game partners, as well as smaller streams from publishers, influencers, and media partners. There would also be media previews for a number of key titles taking place one week earlier, scheduled meetings between developers, and media featuring remotely streamed playable demos. There would also be consumer demos across all platforms.

This year seems like E3 is moving forward to transform their traditionally physical event into a virtual one. ESA has said they are having “great conversations” with developers and companies. More info on “exact details” will be coming soon.

Currently is it unclear how many are interested in taking part in this new look E3. Previously, Sony had already decided to forgo the convention, sharing they didn’t “feel the vision of E3 2020 is the right venue”, skipping the event for the second year in a row. ESA had also decided to approach E3 2020 a little differently, before the whole thing was cancelled.

E3 isn’t the only event that had to rethink its traditional approach as we saw more digital events last year including Gamescom 2020, The PC Gaming Show, as well as publisher-owned events such as EA Play Live and Sony’s The Future of Gaming. It’s safe to say the industry has changed, making it much more accessible and adapted for extraordinary circumstances. I for one, look forward to a new look E3, one that gives a fresh experience for all.

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